How to wear sneakers – tips for women of fashion for different outfits

A beautiful gait makes the girl even more attractive. Heels are, of course, a safe bet for such a case. Walking in Louboutins every day for 10-15 km is like subjecting yourself to torture by the medieval inquisition. That is why this season, image makers propose to combine sneakers not only with sports items, but also with other elements of the wardrobe.

What to wear with sneakers

Sneakers with a miniskirt or shorts

Owners of beautiful, chiseled legs should pay attention to outfits with short skirts. In tandem with Converse, they visually stretch the figure, which means they remove extra pounds.

When creating a casual look, many celebrities combine sneakers with:

  • denim products;
  • leather skirts;
  • light mini dresses;
  • baby dollar styles;
  • floral prints.

Important! Do not forget that the orange peel on the thighs does not paint the image of the girl. In this case, it is better to refrain from mini.

Sneakers with a mini skirt

Stylists recommend combining denim and striped products with white shoes. Red converse will be the final chord in romantic bows. Floral arrangements on a mini dress or skirt will be in harmony with bright sneakers. Leather outfits love only classics. Therefore, black shades of shoes will fit perfectly into such a bow.

If we are talking about shorts, then they are matched with:

Sneakers with shorts

Be sure to include massive accessories in such sets: bracelets or earrings. In such cases, the bag is worn on the shoulder or obliquely. The advantage of shorts is that they suit both high and low converse.

Jeans and trousers are a good match for sneakers

Jeans roll-ups are as popular in 2019 as they’ve been. Therefore, you should not give up such things. Street-style stylists recommend wearing glamorous pink sneakers paired with a biker jacket and light-colored denim pants. They propose to enhance the expressiveness of the image with a stylishly tied headscarf.

Jeans and trousers

At the same time, glamorous converse looks great with mega-cool trousers:

  • breeches;
  • skinny;
  • culottes;
  • shortened palazzo;
  • narrower models.

Important! Another spectacular trend of the season will be an extraordinary duet in the performance of a classic suit and white sneakers. Black short socks will perfectly dilute a strict look.

Jeans and trousers with sneakers1

In such bows, the main thing is to maintain the color balance. Neutral shades always look advantageous with white Converse.

Also don’t forget about one basic rule – the ankle should be open, regardless of the model of jeans or trousers. Otherwise, the imposing image of the girl is lost.

Trend of 2019 – dress with sneakers

Great designers propose to conquer the inhabitants of their area or city with the help of unusual sets. The motto of eminent stylists is – we combine incongruous things so that it is beautiful. Dress and sneakers belong to completely different styles. To make a stunning ensemble from them, preference should be given to white conversions.

Dress with sneakers

Ultra-fashionable dresses are suitable for such shoes:

  • asymmetrical;
  • shirt cut;
  • fitted models;
  • below the knee length;
  • flared sun;
  • oversized;
  • to the floor;
  • linen style;
  • with shuttlecocks;
  • dress shirt.

Dress with sneakers1

With a creative twist, athletic sneakers transform a casual look into a trendy outfit. Brave girls should like such interesting combinations.

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