Is it possible to get pregnant before, during and after menstruation – the answers of experts

Many girls who have sex are concerned about the question – is it possible to get pregnant during, before and after menstruation, and is sexual intercourse safe during this period? After all, there is an opinion that fertilization does not occur at this time.

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The ability to get pregnant through menstruation

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Is it possible to get pregnant before your period?

Every month, the female body releases a mature egg, which is ready for fertilization. This phenomenon, which occurs before the approach of menstruation in 12-16 days, is called ovulation… Cycles are considered common – both 28-day, with ovulation on day 14, and cycles in the interval from 19 to 45 days – since every female body is exclusive, and there are no clear norms.

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The ovulation process also has intervals… For some, ovulation occurs in the middle of the cycle, for others at the initial or final stage – and this is also normal. A shift in the timing of ovulation often occurs in young girls whose menstrual cycle has not yet stabilized, as well as in women of “Balzac’s age”, caused by hormonal changes in the body.

In addition, after entering the woman’s body, sperm cells live and maintain their activity for another week. In addition, in one cycle of menstruation, several eggs can mature, which significantly expands the time range of the opportunity for conception.

From this we can conclude: getting pregnant before menstruation is real… Therefore, one should not hope for contraception in a calendar way.

The ability to get pregnant through menstruation

When is it possible to get pregnant during your period?

Doctors recommend having sexual intercourse during menstruation with a condom. And not in order to avoid conception, but so that during menstrual flow, when the uterus is especially defenseless, do not miss infectious diseases

If passion overshadowed the mind, and sex during menstruation occurred without appropriate protection, then there is a chance of conception, but it is quite low

However, it is quite possible if the following factors influence the body:

  • Long enough periods
    Then there is little time left until the moment of ovulation (less than a week). Considering that sperm can live up to 7 days, then they may well wait for a ripe egg.
  • Menstrual irregularities
    The reasons for this are excessive physical exertion, aggravation of chronic diseases, disruptions in the rhythm of life, infections and other reasons.
  • Incorrect timing for safe copulation
    This usually occurs due to an irregular cycle.

So, in the first days of menstruation, when the discharge is abundant enough, the chances of getting pregnant are close to zero, and in recent days, especially with prolonged periods, the probability increases tenfold!

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The ability to get pregnant through menstruation

The likelihood of pregnancy immediately after menstruation

The likelihood of pregnancy immediately after your period depends on the duration of the bleeding. The longer the period, the greater the risk of getting pregnant.

For example, if bleeding lasts 5-7 days, then the menstrual cycle will be reduced to 24 days. Thus, a short period of time remains before ovulation and the probability of getting into it is quite high

Doctors point to a number of reasons when a woman can become pregnant after menstruation:

  • False menstruation
    When bleeding occurs with an already fertilized egg. As a result, against the background of the illusion of full-fledged menstruation, it seems that the birth occurred immediately after menstruation, although in reality, conception occurred before the onset of bleeding.
  • Fuzzy ovulation date
    With a “floating” date of ovulation, it is difficult to keep counts for planning the next date of maturation of the egg. Tests and other metrics are usually not effective.
  • Tubal pregnancy
    The likelihood of this type of conception, when the egg is fertilized in the tube, is small, but the risk still exists.
  • Diseases of the cervix
    Sometimes there are cases when, during or after intercourse, a woman has bleeding. Having decided that this is menstruation, the woman does not use contraception, as a result of which pregnancy may occur.

The ability to get pregnant through menstruation

After analyzing the information, we can say for sure that it is unambiguous there are no safe days that are suitable for all women, everything is purely individual.

Therefore, you should not hope for a chance, it is better to worry about reliable contraception.

What do you know about the likelihood of pregnancy on critical days? Share your stories in the comments below!

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