Jane Wyman Net Worth

Jane Wyman Net Worth

Jane Wyman net worth was an American actress renowned for a seven-decade long acting career that spans seven decades, she also gained prominence for being first wife to 40th United States President Ronald Reagan and is known for being his first wife. Jane Wyman served as an inspiration to aspiring actors; her legacy remains an icon part of Hollywood history.

Wyman was born Sarah Jane Mayfield in Saint Joseph, Missouri on January 5, 1917. Following her father’s death when she was only young, she was raised by her maternal aunt and grandmother and began singing on radio broadcasts as well as appearing in movie musical choruses before eventually being cast in her first leading role as an alcoholic’s girlfriend in 1945 film The Lost Weekend; it earned critical acclaim and led to numerous film projects over subsequent years.

In 1948, she earned an Academy Award nomination as deaf-mute rape victim Belinda MacDonald in Johnny Belinda for her portrayal. This role not only earned her accolades from Hollywood, but it catapulted her career forward immensely; subsequent appearances include Stage Fright, Private Investigator, All in the Family Tail Spin Torchy Blane Playing with Dynamite Magic Town Holidays for Lovers among many more high profile movies.

Wyman achieved much throughout her life despite facing personal struggles such as marriage difficulties and alcoholism/depression issues. She died peacefully at 90 in Rancho Mirage, California on September 10, 2007.

Wyman received numerous accolades throughout her lifetime for her work in film, television and theater. She was honored to be inducted into the Hall of Fame for Television as well as receiving two stars on Hollywood Walk of Fame. Aside from acting, she was active in philanthropy by participating in various charities; furthermore, she advocated for women’s rights by supporting abortion rights; later becoming Roman Catholic and receiving special permission from her bishop for communion reception.

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