Jason Poo Bear Boyd Net Worth

How Much is Jason Poo Bear Boyd Net Worth?

Poo Bear (Jason Paul Douglas Boyd), more commonly known by his stage name Poo Bear, is an American songwriter renowned for writing some of the world’s most sought-after music lyrics. Working alongside artists such as Pink, Usher, Mariah Carey and Mariah Carey as one of their song writers; Poo Bear is adept at crafting emotive lyrics that connect emotionally with audiences; his hits have hit #1 charts several times and continue to find success through singing, songwriting and producing work.

How much is Jason Poo Bear Boyd worth?

Poo Bear was born September 4, 1978 in New Haven, Connecticut. At an early age he began writing songs and attending colleges before leaving to focus on his music career full-time. Since then his songwriting prowess has blossomed; some of today’s biggest stars in music have relied on Poo Bear for songs.

He has amassed over 500 million views on YouTube for his songs and amassed an immense fortune through the music industry through his career. He is best known as being Justin Bieber’s co-writer; Jennifer Lopez featured him as well. Furthermore, he co-hosted Songcraft: Spotlight on Songwriters podcast as well as appearing in YouTube docuseries Bear and a Banjo with country musician Zac Brown.

Poo Bear has earned recognition as an accomplished musician as well as being a prominent philanthropist, contributing to various charities with his time. Additionally, he is a prolific author who writes multiple books. Furthermore, he is dedicated as both husband and father with a work-life balance that allows him to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle.

Poo Bear has always kept his personal life private, yet has shared the emotional significance of his song “Day You Left”, dedicated to his late mother. Ashley Joi Sadler and he share an enduring, mutually supportive marriage and are committed to maintaining an integrated work-life that allows him to pursue additional passions outside music. He enjoys golfing and fishing as hobbies in his free time, maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating well and exercising regularly. In high spirits and with an upbeat outlook on life and a happy family uniting behind him. His actions in his community have earned numerous awards and commendations, serving as an inspirational figure to both fans and colleagues alike.

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