Jeff Maggioncalda Net Worth

Jeff Maggioncalda Net Worth – The CEO of Coursera

Coursera’s CEO boasts an estimated net worth of $51 million. This online learning platform partners with universities around the globe to offer courses and degrees on various subjects; additionally, TechNet member Google uses Coursera as an upskilling solution.

Maggioncalda joined Coursera as CEO in 2017, bringing with him an impressive track record of building successful companies started by Stanford professors. Co-founding retirement investment company Financial Engines with Nobel Laureate William Sharpe, he expanded the business until it was ready to go public; when he exited it had over $2 billion under management and over one million customers.

Maggioncalda took over Coursera shortly after its establishment, already having established relationships with over 150 universities and with 36 million registered users, becoming one of the world’s premier MOOC providers compared with competitors edX and Udacity who each served fewer than 30 million students respectively.

Forbes recognized this company as one of its Next Billion-Dollar Startups for good reason. Maggioncalda was instrumental in driving its rapid expansion and has focused on international expansion with operations opening up in India, China, Mexico and Brazil as well as exploring innovative methods of course delivery and degrees delivery.

Recently, this company began providing its courses free of charge to students and employees of companies who partner with it – an experiment which may pay dividends down the road.

Coursera’s growth proves its faith in online education to replace traditional institutions in the future. With more people opting out of campus-based studies, flexibility of learning on our own terms becomes ever more valuable – hence its rapid success.

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