Jeremy Liew Net Worth

Jeremy Liew Net Worth

Jeremy liew’s net worth has been amassed through smart investments that have yielded substantial returns. As an esteemed venture capitalist with stakes across various sectors and real estate, as well as forays into digital space such as early bets on blockbuster consumer tech companies like Snapchat he amassed an enormous fortune.

Australian-born investor Anthony Liew joined Lightspeed Venture Partners in 2006 as their inaugural consumer specialist, overseeing investments in large scale social media, commerce and new media startups. Additionally, his focus is omnichannel projects which connect online with physical world activities – something which has proven fruitful with notable successes including Snap and The Honest Company among his investments.

He first discovered Snapchat in 2012 when his teenage daughter and her friends became fans. After meeting founder Evan Spiegel and learning more about the service, Liew signed the first-ever investment check of $485,000 into Snapchat as it launched with over $8 million from Lightspeed Venture Partners – going public two years later with a $24 billion valuation. Later on Liew also invested more than $8 million through Giphy and Affirm – as well as supporting The Honest Company made by actress Jessica Alba for eco-friendly household products, as well as Fan Controlled Football which offered crypto-linked fantasy sports league action!

As of 2021, Jeremy Liew owned approximately 107,237 shares of Honest Company Inc (HNST), valued at more than $6 Million and serving as director. Receive notifications whenever Jeremy Liew buys or sells Honest stock.

Jeremy Liew has built up an impressive net worth through the combination of earnings from Lightspeed Venture Partners, his profitable investments, and ventures into new fields such as cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Additionally, his extensive industry experience has given him a keen eye for emerging market trends that enables him to identify and capitalize on lucrative investments that bolster his position as one of the top venture capitalists worldwide.

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