Jess Margera Net Worth

Jess Margera Net Worth

Jess Margera Net Worth (or simply “Jess”) is estimated as the sum total of all his financial assets. Over his career – acting, music, and other ventures – Jess has amassed considerable wealth; each day brings new wealth. He continues to expand this fortune.

Jess Margera was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania on August 28th 1978. He currently acts as drummer for heavy metal band CKY that he co-founded in 1988, in addition to performing with Foreign Objects, Gnarkill Viking Skull, The Company Band and numerous television shows such as Jackass Viva La Bam and Minghags.

Jess is an approachable person with a strong work ethic who strives to enhance his skills through learning new ones. His family and close friends support his endeavors greatly, as does their input. Additionally, he is known as an active philanthropist supporting various charities around the globe.

He is also actively engaged in sports, playing on multiple teams. A gifted swimmer, golf is his passion. Additionally he enjoys basketball and racquetball – having competed at national events such as American Cancer Society Relay for Life.

According to numerology, Jess Margareta has an estimated net worth of 7 and has chosen 7 for his life path number. This suggests he should expect many challenges and obstacles this year in both his personal and professional lives; however, through hard work and determination he will overcome these hurdles and reach success.

Phil Margera is well-known reality TV star while his son Bam has made headlines through his stunts in various prank shows and stunt shows. As well as his professional skateboarding and filmmaking endeavors, he has also appeared in movies and created Jackass spin-off shows such as Viva La Bam and Minghags. Additionally, Kelly married him on October 29th 2005; Ava and Scarlett are their children. Jess and Daniela recently welcomed London Philip Margera, their third child, in June 2018. Jess maintains an active social media presence, often being featured alongside his family and children on photos shared across social media channels such as Instagram or Twitter. Additionally, he operates his own YouTube channel where he posts videos related to music production projects as well as personal ventures such as his recent musical endeavors and other creative pursuits. He frequently collaborates with other influencers and celebrities, which has increased both his popularity and earnings. Through these partnerships, he is also spreading his message of health and wellness via videos in which he emphasizes the significance of living a healthy lifestyle while promoting various fitness products and activities. He serves as an inspiration to many and has become a role model for younger generations.

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