Jimmy Failla Net Worth

Jimmy Failla Net Worth – How Much Is Jimmy Failla Worth?

Jimmy Failla and Jenny Failla have one son together. Jenny works as a professional therapist and provides him with invaluable support during his professional endeavors. The couple married on August 19, 2006.

At Division Avenue High School he completed his early education before going on to obtain an associate degree from Nassau Community College in 1998.

Early Life and Education

Jimmy Failla was born in the United States on 17 December 1976, and is an esteemed American host and comedian who is highly popular on social media platforms like Twitter & Instagram. Additionally, he has made waves as both a television personality and author during his early 2000s career which started by performing in New York City clubs before going onto appear in AXS TV’s Gotham Comedy Live and NBC’s America’s Got Talent shows respectively.

Studies at Division Avenue High School and Nassau Community College. He married Jenny Failla and is parents to a son named Lincoln; prefers keeping his personal life private and does not share details of his family with the public. An admirable man with great respect for others.

Professional Career

Jimmy Failla has been active as a stand-up comedian, TV pundit, author, and host since 1995. He has appeared in various programs such as NBC’s America’s Got Talent Season 8 (July 2013) and AXS television’s Gotham Comedy Live on November 15, 2012.

His New York City everyday persona gives listeners a feeling they’re discussing politics with one of their best friends over a pint or two, making his conversational style and infectious sense of humor enough to keep people smiling even when news is bad.

He and Jenny are happily married and share one child together. However, the two tend to remain quite private about their personal lives and rarely post images of themselves on social media platforms such as Instagram. Their lifestyle remains content without being drawn into unnecessary rumors or controversy.

Achievement and Honors

Jimmy Failla is an iconic American comedian renowned for making audiences laugh through his incredible sense of humor. He has graced multiple stages throughout the country as well as being featured as a regular guest on several radio programs.

He is a former New York City taxi driver turned professional stand-up comedian. In December 2016 Amazon Prime premiered his one-hour comedy special “State of the Union”, for which he won New York City Nightlife Awards Outstanding Male Comedian honors and served as head writer/on-air contributor with Kennedy on Fox Business Network.

He is married to Jenny and they share one son named Lincoln. Each year he receives an annual salary of $79,513. No details regarding his parents and siblings have been disclosed by him.

Personal Life

Jimmy Failla uses humor to move audiences. In addition, he is also an author and radio personality; his journey from taxi driver to comedian provides plenty of motivation.

He is married to Jenny Failla and lives together with the couple in New York City. He prefers not to discuss his personal life in public. He and Jenny Failla share an enduring bond as parents to a son whom both share strong ties to.

Jimmy currently earns hundreds of thousands from his career as a TV Pundit, Stand-up Comedian and Author. His lifestyle is extravagant as his spouse gives full support. Additionally, Jimmy can be found active on Instagram & Twitter with thousands of followers who appreciate all that he does for them.

Net Worth

Jimmy Failla has become an iconic name in comedy. His hilarious delivery has won him praise across the industry and earned him widespread acclaim from audiences of all sorts. With an enormous fan following and hosting Fox across All America on radio show Fox Radio Network. Additionally he has written multiple books as well as performing stand-up comedy acts since 1996.

Failla and his wife Jenny live happily together in New York and strive to avoid paparazzi intrusion by rarely posing for photographs.

The 46-year-old comedian enjoys a lavish lifestyle thanks to the income from his career, which brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

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