John Deere Big Red Barn Deluxe Set

For a classic childhood toy, you should buy your child the John Deere Big Red Barn Deluxe Set. It’s the ultimate toy farm for imaginative play and includes Farmer Ben and his gang of animals. Peep through the window to let the sheep and cows in, and check out the second floor for a mouse. There are even two windows for viewing the animals.

The set has over 37 pieces, including a wooden stable with horses, a farmer figurine, and five people figurines. There are also five fence pieces, hay bales, and a tractor. Each piece has realistic detailing and is great for little hands. The best part? It’s affordable! And the price can’t be beat. For just $53, this toy is a real bargain!

With over 37 pieces, this set is the perfect gift for any child over 18 months. The farm provides hours of play and develops motor skills and sensory development. The barn’s roof panels lift up for easy access, and there’s even a hay bale and feeding bag included. The farm’s equipment, such as a tractor, includes realistic handpainted figures. It’s also a great gift for children who love animals and playing with their toys.

Another deluxe farm set is the John Deere Big Red Barn. This toy contains 13 pieces, including a wooden stable, a farmer figurine, and two animals. It’s a great way to enhance motor skills while your child learns about farming life. Moreover, this set also contains a tractor and a hay bale. And, as an added bonus, it comes with a farm truck and a trailer for transporting produce.

The Barn’s contents include a farmer figurine, four animals, a chicken coop and a farmyard tractor. The barn comes with a hay bale and a feeder for the chickens. It also includes a toy-themed tractor, a horse-shaped pig, and a tractor. The set includes all of the animal figures and accessories necessary for the farm.

A deluxe barn with many pieces to play with is perfect for a child’s first toy. This farm’s 19-piece wooden stable has a farmer figurine and a horse. The barn also includes a fence, two hay bales, and a tractor with a door that opens to store hay and eggs. Besides, it has a farmer, a tractor, and a hay bale.

This toy barn is an excellent choice for toddlers. It’s a great toy for the farm or just for imaginative play. The barn’s seven stalls and the two horses are both functional and help your child develop their motor skills. The farm includes two farm vehicles, a tractor and a hay bale. The tractors and other accessories are realistically detailed. It’s a great set for toddlers to play with.

The barn is a great toy for babies. The sturdy wooden structure is ideal for the toddlers’ development and encourages their motor skills. It has a tractor with a trailer and a farmer’s figurine. Several animals, including a cow and a pig, are included in the set. It also comes with a number of accessories, including hay bales and a chicken, which is an important part of a farm.

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