John Duval Plexus Red Barossa Valley 2017

In Australia, the classic ‘Grange’ is a signature wine. The ‘Plexus Red Barossa Valley’ is a blend of Shiraz, Grenache, Mourvedre and Centennial vines. It’s a complex, fruit-driven wine that boasts a silky finish and a layered bouquet. The smoky, peppery flavours will entice you to keep drinking the ‘Grange’ until you’ve had your fill.

The Barossa Valley is famous for its wines, which are produced by a team of highly skilled and innovative winemakers. The ‘Plexus’ red is an example of a blend of fruit from several regions, and is a rich and smoky red. The ‘Plexus’ label is the most well-known of the three, and is made from the same grapes as the ‘Plexus’.

The first wine produced by the John Duval Wines label is called the ‘Plexus’ Shiraz/Grenache/Mouvedre. The blend is based on grapes from Penfolds’ ‘Grange’ vineyard, and features Shiraz and Grenache as well as Mouvedre, which each contributes blackberry backbone and lifted aromatics. The blend is aged in French oak and barrels and is therefore more elegant than the ‘Plexus’.

This is a wine with a strong personality and a smooth mouthfeel. The ‘Plexus’ is an excellent blend of Shiraz, Grenache and Mouvedre. The blend has a very deep and savoury palate, combining dark tannins with ripe blackberries. The ‘Plexus’ has an elegant, rich style that is reminiscent of the ‘Plexus’.

The ‘Plexus’ Barossa Shiraz is a fruit bomb. It’s a blend of 50-60 year old bush vines, with a unique character and terroir. The high diurnal temperature variation slows the ripening process. This wine is a classic ‘Plexus’ ‘Barossa Valley’ red.

The ‘Plexus’ is a blend of Shiraz, Grenache and Mouvedre, which is considered a ‘traditional’ ‘Australian’ in Australia. It is a complex wine that’s made from the best grapes in the region. It is a good example of what the ‘Plexus’ grapes can do.

The ‘Plexus’ Barossa Shiraz is a fruit bomb and is made from a blend of fifty to sixty-year-old bush vines. This fruity wine also contains a significant proportion of Grenache and Mourvedre, which are both grown in the ‘Plexus’ vineyard. It’s a ‘Plexus’, which is a premium version of this famous Australian grape.

The ‘Plexus’ is the first wine made under the John Duval brand. It is a blend of Shiraz, Grenache and Mouvedre, each contributing a savoury, smoky quality to the wine. It is a versatile red wine that is perfect with a variety of meals, as it can be a great addition to any meal.

‘Plexus’ is an Australian blend of Shiraz, Grenache and Mouvedre. This red barossa valley wine is a blend of two of the best red grape varieties in the world. Its dark, savoury tannins, and luscious flavours will delight your palate. ‘Plexus’ is also a great option for pairing with lamb.

A deep crimson colour, a hint of violet, and savoury oak aromas and flavors evoke the ripeness and complexity of this red wine from the Barossa Valley. This wine is made from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon and has a medium-bodied texture. It has a soft, supple tannin profile and is well-balanced.

The ‘Plexus’ is a big, chewy red wine from Australia’s Barossa Valley. Its blend of Shiraz, Grenache, and Mourvedre is a classic wine that will appeal to many wine lovers. It is a great choice for dinner parties and other gatherings with friends. In fact, it pairs well with many types of foods.

The ‘Plexus’ is a red Barossa Valley wine that has been aged for 14 months in French oak barrels. The barrels used in the ‘Plexus’ were mostly new fine grain French oak hogsheads, with the rest aging between three and six years old. The ‘Plexus’ is the perfect example of a ‘Barossa Valley’ wine.

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