John Mayall The Kent Stage August 6

On Aug. 6, John Mayall will perform at the Kent Stage in downtown Cleveland. The musician is often referred to as the Godfather of British Blues. He started his band with Eric Clapton in the 60’s, as well as other influential blues musicians such as Peter Green, Jack Bruce, and Mick Taylor. In 1969, he started collaborating with American blues legends, such as Albert Collins. This concert will be a treat for fans of the genre.

After releasing a solo album, Mayall teamed up with guitarist Colin Allen to form the band. They recorded a live performance for a DVD and double CD, which was released to the public in 2009. The show included performances from Freddie King, Buddy Guy, and Etta James. In 2004, Mayall received an OBE for his contribution to blues music, and his 56th studio album is dedicated to the late Freddie King.

The setlist for John Mayall’s August 6 performance will be available at The setlist is available for review and update purposes, and will be updated frequently, so you can always be sure to catch the perfect show. You’ll be glad you did. Just make sure you buy tickets to John Mayall on the Kent Stage early enough.

The show was originally recorded for an event to benefit UNICEF, which he dedicated to the late Freddie King. It was also filmed and released as a double CD and DVD. Other artists on the tour included Chris Barber, Mick Taylor, and Eric Clapton. A BBC documentary titled “John Mayall: A Lifetime of Blues” was aired on July 4, and his OBE was honored the following year. In 2007, John Mayall received the OBE. The OBE is his highest honor. His 56th studio album is dedicated to the memory of the late Freddie King.

The upcoming concert will be a highlight for many blues fans. It will be an event worth remembering, and a night of live music will leave you breathless. There is a chance for you to hear the best blues in town. With such a stellar lineup, this is the right time to catch John Mayall at the Kent Stage. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to experience a legendary show that will be unforgettable.

The setlist for John Mayall’s performance on August 6 is available on TicketFly. The concert will feature performances by Coco Montoya, Buddy Guy, and Etta James. The show will also be recorded at the House of Blues Studios, where the band will be filmed. The event will also feature a live video of the concert. In addition to the live performances, a documentary will be screened on the Kent stage in September, featuring interviews with the artist.

During the concert, the audience will get a chance to meet the band members before the show. It is a unique opportunity to see a legendary performer. The setlist is also a good way to share your memories with friends. This setlist will make your next concert even more memorable! This is a great opportunity to experience this incredible live performance! If you want to see a band that’s loved by the public, don’t miss the Kent stage.

A setlist is an essential part of any concert. Having the setlist before a show is a great way to share it. In addition to being fun, the setlist will be informative as well. You can use it as a guide to remember the songs that are played by each artist. When planning for a concert, it’s important to consider the style of music that you want to hear.

Several years ago, John Mayall announced that he would be taking a break from music. The group had also announced that the name of the band would be retired. The news caused a stir in the blues world and speculations about the future of the band. However, Mayall decided to put a new band together and perform the new album with a new lineup. A setlist is also useful for an event review or update.

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