John Mccain A Cause Greater Than Self

The last words he used in his farewell speech to the American people are as resonant today as they were in 1941. The American public is in awe of the man who decided to put his career ahead of his ideals. Regardless of the adulation he may receive, John McCain made the right decision by deciding to dedicate himself to a cause greater than himself.

In the Vietnam War, John McCain served his country by becoming a POW. Later, he became a Senator from Arizona and was elected President in 2008. His accomplishments are numerous, but one thing stands out above them all: his stance on immigration and the issue of war. As a veteran, McCain understood the dangers of US political polarization and self-centered myopia, and he understood the risks of the post-World-War II global system. He also recognized the perils of global terrorism and extremism and took action.

Despite his impressive resume, the most enduring achievement is his commitment to preserving democracy. In a time of extreme political polarization and self-interest, John McCain saw the threats that surrounded Western democracies and stood up for those who suffered from authoritarianism. He also understood the perils of the US post-World War II system. This is why he was so effective at governing the country and defending the rights of American citizens.

After retiring from the navy, McCain became the navy’s liaison to the U.S. Senate, a position he later deemed his “real entry into politics”. In 1979, he married Cindy Lou Hensley, a high-school teacher and the daughter of Jim and Marguerite Smith, who founded the third largest Anheuser-Busch distributorship. In a world where people choose to be selfish over their country’s security, McCain had a chance to make his political aspirations come true.

In his political life, McCain has fought for a cause greater than himself. The Vietnam War veteran’s service in the United States and support for President George W. Bush’s surge troops in Iraq, but ultimately, he failed to stand up to conservative pressures for immigration reform. During his 2008 presidential campaign, McCain opted to choose Alaska Governor Sarah Palin over Lieberman, an independent who was not familiar with the issue.

Although a Vietnam POW, McCain’s political career was far more than impressive. He was a senator from Arizona and ran for president in 2008. With so many achievements, it is no wonder that he was so eager to run for the White House. Yet, this quote, however, has many flaws. This is not the only reason that he should not run for President. He must stand for the American people and not be driven by political expediency.

A cause greater than self is a key part of McCain’s character. The American people need a president who is a man of his values. As a former naval officer, McCain fought in the Vietnam War and was imprisoned for five years. He was tortured in captivity, and he refused to be released until all the other Americans were freed. Eventually, he was freed, but he still remained loyal to his ideals and did not stop fighting. He was a hero.

A cause greater than self is essential in the world. The death of John McCain is a tragic loss for the nation. The US has lost a cherished member of its culture in the form of the President Barack Obama-Palin candidate. While the former Republican presidential candidate did not share the same views on immigration reform, his legacy lives on. The country is divided on issues like these, and he would have embraced these views as a man of his values.

The maverick in the presidential race, John McCain was a Vietnam POW. He was captured by the North Vietnamese and later admitted that he was in love with a woman from his first marriage. His wife, Cindy Lou Hensley, was a teacher and the daughter of Jim and Marguerite Smith. His parents were successful businessmen and founded the third largest Anheuser-Busch beer distributorship. The political career of John McCain was a success.

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