Kendamil Organic Formula: The Comprehensive Guide

Kendamil has been one of the best baby formula providers in the European market for the last 60 years. Over 54 million packs of premium baby formula were exported to the USA in 2022. These numbers prove the reliability of the brand and its products. Moreover, the Kendamil formula was approved by the FDA. So, it became the first official European baby formula sold legally in the American market. So, what made it outstanding?

Two Types of Baby Formula to Purchase at Stores

Kendamil produces two baby formula types – organic and classic. Both are EFSA-approved and contain all the required macronutrients and micronutrients a baby needs. The main and the most significant difference is the quality of the ingredients.

Not all farms are organic. As a rule, a farmer requires over one year and proper investment to turn a classic farm into an organic one. What is the difference?

According to the definition provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, organic farming prohibits the use of pesticides and fertilizers. In other words, it propagates the production of natural food without harmful ingredients. Some products might be natural but not organic. It means some artificial pesticides, fertilizers, colorants, sugar, preservatives, or treatments might be used to manufacture the formula.

These are the basic rules of all organic products.

  1. Everything must be as natural as possible. It means farmers cannot fertilize the soil with chemicals or spay grass with pesticides to feed cows and goats for baby formula production.
  2. Human touch must be minimized. Grass grows naturally, and animal pasture is the source of all healthy nutrients.
  3. All ingredients must be top quality. The European Food Safety Authority has a list of requirements for organic products. If a product meets high standards, it will get the label “organic”.

Kendamil collaborates with organic farms to get 100% healthy milk, vegetables, and plants for its organic formula. A baby formula consists not only of milk powder. It also includes healthy fats like fish, sunflower, or rapeseed oil.

So, each plant and vegetable must be grown without chemicals to be used for the creation of organic products.

Kendamil Organic Formula: Top Advantages for Babies

Kendamil is a reputable baby formula brand in the baby food market in Europe and America. Its organic formula has numerous advantages for everyone to benefit from.

  • It is the European baby formula approved by the Food and Drug Administration and sold in America.
  • Kendamil doesn’t use cheap substitutes for healthy fats such as palm oil or soy. Instead, the company uses whole-fat milk that contains all the required healthy fats. It also adds organic rapeseed, coconut, and sunflower oil to provide other needed nutrients like Omega 3-6.
  • It has nothing to do with chemicals, including fertilizers, hormones, sweeteners, and pesticides.
  • All used ingredients and milked animals grow in ecologically healthy and safe environments.
  • It has a creamy taste that all babies like.
  • It doesn’t contain maltodextrin and corn syrup as its primary source of lactose is milk.
  • The formula is rich in macronutrients and micronutrients making it the best nutrition for newborns.

To conclude, the formula is regularly tested to remain a healthy source of the needed nutrients for a baby in Europe and abroad.

How to Prepare Kendamil Organic Formula

The preparation of Kendamil formula depends on a baby’s age and weight. For example, a newborn needs up to 6 feedings per 24 hours to stay full and thrive. One portion must contain 90 ml of water and 3 scoops of baby formula powder. A 6-month-old baby eats fewer times per day (only 4 times) because it’s the time for its first lure, but the portion gets bigger. One portion must include 7 scoops of powder mixed with 210 ml of water.

One should remember to use only sterile tools (bottles, nipples, water) to prepare the formula. Hand Wash and sterile cooking surfaces are also a must. One can use bottled water or boil tap water but cool it down. It’s better to use the Kendamil scoop to prepare the required portion as tablespoons may be of different sizes.

One should follow the instructions provided by Kendamil. Due to that, babies will get everything they need without weight deficit and avitaminosis.

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