Kodie Shane Net Worth

Kodie Shane has built a net worth that is nearly $150,000. Her wealth has grown through her YouTube presence and she is expected to continue to do so as her career continues to blossom. She is a petite brunette with light brown hair and pitch black eyes. As a lesbian, she enjoys dating attractive girls. She has been spotted with fellow artist Skye Morales in music videos. However, there has been no official confirmation of a future relationship.

Kodie Shane was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and is a member of the Scorpio zodiac sign. Her ethnicity is of African descent. She grew up in a music-loving family and began rapping when she was fourteen. She was discovered by Coach K, a prominent figure in the music industry and the manager of hip hop superstar Gucci Mane. Kodie Shane is very talented and has become a major star in the music industry.

Kodie Shane’s net worth is predicted to rise to $600,000 by 2022. This is a huge amount for a 23-year-old artist. Her net worth could continue to rise as her career continues to gain more recognition and success. Kodie Shane has collaborated with rappers such as Rick Ross on “Facetime” and has also worked with other artists such as Lil Map.

Kodie Shane’s love life is very interesting. She is currently dating singer Skye Morales. According to a YouTube video, the two met when Skye Morales was working on a song and wanted to add vocals. Kodie subsequently sent her a message on Instagram.

Kodie Shane’s parents are both musicians. Her father was a member of R&B trio Rick, Ran, and Dan. His aunt, Cherrelle, is also a singer. Kodie’s mother, Hope Williams, manages her career. She has two siblings, Lil Wop 17 and Brandi Williams.

Kodie was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She was inspired by the rappers in her neighborhood. She gained critical acclaim for her singles. Although her birth name was originally Kodie Williams, she now prefers ‘Kodie Shane’ as her professional name.

Kodie Shane’s net worth is estimated to be around $150 thousand. Her popularity has increased her net worth. Her videos have over one million views and over one hundred thousand subscribers. This is a very impressive amount of money for an up and coming rap artist. However, her primary career remains as a Rapper.

Kodie Shane is an open-minded artist from Atlanta. She is currently the only female member of the group The Sailing Team and has also released several solo projects. Her lyrics and music inspires people to be authentic and do what they want. Her father, Danny C. Williams, is a former member of Rick, Ran, and Dan and also has a sister named Cherrelle. She was raised in a music environment and began rapping at a young age.

Kodie started her music career at a young age, while working at an Atlanta production studio. After a successful performance, she met rap star Lil Yachty. The two formed a strong bond and later Kodie joined Lil Yachty’s ‘Sailing Team’. The young artist’s hard work paid off with her first full-length studio album, Young HeartThrob, in 2017.

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