Kyle Unfug Net Worth

The net worth of Kyle Unfug is not known, but he is a radio and television personality in the United States. He married Scott Fisher in 2012 and has two children. He received a Bachelor of Science in broadcast journalism from the University of Arizona and later changed his major to become a voice-over artist. In addition to being a television personality, Unfug has appeared on numerous radio shows.

Unfug was born in Denver, Colorado. His parents were divorced and he credits his stepmother and stepfather for raising him. He has not seen his father in almost two years after he was diagnosed with cancer. His mother is an art teacher at Valley Christian High School. He graduated from Valley Christian High School in 2000 and enrolled at the University of Arizona. However, he changed his major and transferred to Arizona State University.

After getting an internship at 104.7 KISS FM, Kyle Unfug became a full-time radio host and has been on the air for years. Since then, she has hosted many TV shows and radio shows and has even been featured on social media. Unfug and her husband, Scott Fisher, married on August 4, 2012.

Unfug also co-hosts The Johnjay & Rich Show, which is a nationally syndicated morning radio show. The show has an audience of around one million people each week. Its popularity in Arizona is high, and the show has been on the air for over 20 years. The show started out in Tucson and then moved to Phoenix in 2006.

Kyle Unfug’s net worth is estimated to be in the high six figures. He earns around $50k per year from his radio career. His radio show earnings are a source of significant income for the Arizona native. However, the amount varies widely based on how much radio is worth.

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