Layah Heilpern Net Worth

Layah Heilpern Net Worth

Layah Heilpern, an award-winning British Journalist, PMA advocate, author, entrepreneur, Bitcoin investor and Social Media influencer, is best known for her podcast show and YouTube channel known as the Layah Heilpern Show. Additionally she maintains active accounts on other social media platforms including Instagram and Twitter where she boasts an enormous following.

Her wealth comes mainly from cryptocurrency investments. She has seen significant returns on her investments, and shares her knowledge and advice with others through YouTube and Tik Tok channels – she boasts a massive following across both channels, often posting content about cryptocurrencies and personal development.

She loves traveling and reading books in her free time; her travels have taken her through several countries including Russia, Italy, and India. Additionally, she’s active with charity work – her YouTube channel boasts more than 7 million viewers while Instagram boasts 132k.

Queens College awarded her her bachelor’s degree in journalism and radio/television. At Oxford she completed a master’s in library science and information technology. For years now she has worked as a journalist, writing for various publications such as LSTV and Bloxlive TV.

Heilpern’s social media presence has increased her prominence, providing opportunities for sponsorships and paid endorsements from various brands – including Tectum’s SoftNote layer 2 scaling solution tailored for Bitcoin – while her expansive network has helped promote other cryptocurrency businesses such as BlockFi and BitMEX.

Layah Heilpern has made no public remarks regarding her family; however, both of her parents appear supportive of her career path. Andrea Heilpern often appears alongside Layah on social media posts featuring Instagram content; Eliot Heilpern can’t be found anywhere.

Layah Heilpern was born August 28, 1996 in Walkford, England under the sign of Virgo. She has one younger sibling. With a good education background and impressive career success under her belt, Layah heilpern continues to thrive today.

She boasts an incredible net worth of $7 Million thanks to hard work and talent as a writer, speaker and entrepreneur who has seen significant returns on her investments. Additionally, her expertise with cryptocurrency has contributed significantly to her success – we wish her all the best in her future endeavours!

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