Luis R Conriquez Net Worth

Luis R Conriquez’s net worth is estimated at $20 million. He is a talented singer and has released several albums. His first album Mis Inicious, which means “My Beginnings”, contains 16 songs. He has since released several more albums, several of which have become hits. In total, he has released over 100 songs through his 10 albums.

Luis R Conriquez is a singer and songwriter from Mexico. He gained fame in the regional genre of Mexican music. His songs “El Bruho”, “Por Clave El Fresa”, and “Nimido” have received over five million monthly listeners on Spotify. He has recorded over 100 songs and has a Youtube channel with over 187k subscribers. He has posted 44 videos on the platform.

Luis R Conriquez’s net worth is not yet public. He is a Mexican singer who has released over 100 songs and 10 albums. Some of his best-known songs include El Bruho, “Por Clave El Fresa,” and “Nimido.” He is active on social media and has a large following on Instagram.

Gerardo Ortiz and Luis R Conriquez recently collaborated on a song. “El Comando del Diablo” was written by Noel Torres and performed by Gerardo Ortiz and Luis R Conriquez in 2010. This song became a viral hit, and was selected as one of their duets in the concert.

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