Managed Transportation Services: Guide To Optimize Your Money

The supply chain disruptions of the early 2020s, when combined with an ongoing driver shortage, the rising cost of fuel, and a seemingly infinite array of other complications, has created serious challenges for both online and brick-and-mortar businesses. Unfortunately, those complications have not changed customer expectations, which remain high even in the face of ongoing transportation industry challenges. 

The Role Of Managed Transportation Services

Managed transportation services help manufacturers, retailers, and others in the supply chain ensure their goods get to where they need to go on time. It’s just part of the puzzle for businesses looking for managed logistics solutions that cover the entire supply chain, but for many companies, managed transportation poses a viable solution to a range of problems.

Managed transportation services leverage the power of technology and industry connections to ensure that clients’ freight is transported efficiently and affordably. Client companies will be able to play as small or large a role as they want in getting goods from point A to point B, but the best way to maximize ROI is to entrust as much of the process as possible to transportation and logistics experts. Clients will still have full insight into the freight transport process, but they won’t have to stress about how to make sure everything goes smoothly each step of the way.

Optimize ROI By Choosing The Right Provider

Not all managed transportation service providers offer a full range of services, nor is any one company a perfect fit for every client. The factors business owners need to consider vary by industry, but all of those owners can benefit from choosing a managed transportation service that offers full visibility, flexible solutions, and excellent customer service. Other considerations include how much experience the company has working in the client’s industry and whether it provides a full range of logistics solutions alongside managed transportation options.

Business owners can optimize the return on investment (ROI) from managed transportation services by doing some research in advance. Start by brainstorming a list of needs, including types of shipment and the level of service required. This list will make it easier to narrow down options.

If a company routinely ships temperature-controlled, fragile, overweight, or over-dimensional items, those factors will play an outsized role in determining who to partner with for transportation solutions. Getting the best ROI, in this case, requires ensuring that all of the goods or products get from point A to B not just on time but fully intact. While it’s true that all professional transportation companies have insurance policies in place to cover damaged goods, this problem can still cost clients money in the form of late deliveries and lost customers.

Transportation Vs. Logistics

It’s worth noting here that while most business owners think of transportation and logistics services as being one and the same, they aren’t. Not all managed transportation companies offer full third-party logistics solutions, which involve not just the movement of products or goods but also their distribution to stores or end users. Companies that need more comprehensive help with supply chain management should look for logistics experts.

Get The Search Started

It doesn’t matter whether a business is just getting off the ground or its recent growth has created a need for more effective transportation solutions. The next step is always the same. Start looking into options and begin narrowing them down by reaching out to companies to determine which managed transportation service providers will make the best partners.

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