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Shep Rose Net Worth – Marcie Hobbs

Since its debut in 2014, Bravo’s reality series Southern Charm has become an instantaneous success. It follows the lives of Charleston residents from rich to socialite status – such as Shep Rose’s younger cousin Marcie Hobbs – as they navigate their lives together in South Carolina. The show boasts an engaging cast featuring Shep Rose himself as well as Shep’s younger cousin Marcie Hobbs who add plenty of drama!

Hobbs has quickly made her mark since joining season 8 as both media and fan attention has focused on her real estate agent/reality TV star status. A prominent member of Charleston and The Boulevard Company communities, Hobbs currently works as a realtor/property manager at Dunes Properties of Charleston and The Boulevard Company and posts frequent photos featuring her daughter and husband to social media. Furthermore, she coordinates activities for Miami-Dade Guardian Ad Litem Program activities.

Hobbs was raised with “enough money that they don’t need to work”, yet she decided to enter real estate instead of opting out entirely. In 2017, Hobbs established her own firm MBHobbs Properties LLC. Since appearing on the show for multiple seasons, she is known to be close with Shep and many others.

Hobbs was born December 21st 1984 in Los Angeles and celebrates her birthday each year. As a Sagittarius sun sign herself, Hobbs and Shep form an extremely close duo; talking openly about their relationship on screen as well as sharing personal feelings freely on the show.

Hobbs was born to Nan Barganier and Dexter Cummings Hobbs. Although she has traveled widely, Hobbs currently resides in Charleston with her husband John and daughter Edie (born in 2021). Hobbs holds acting and modeling jobs from time to time according to her dormant Twitter account.

Marcie Hobbs has built herself an enormous following online and amassed considerable wealth – currently worth approximately $2 Million and bound to grow as she becomes an ever more prominent presence on reality television shows.

Shep Rose Net Worth

Shep Rose of Bravo reality series fame is estimated to be worth an estimated net worth of $4 Million. His fortune stems from both his success in reality television and business ventures he is involved with; these include owning his own restaurant in New York City as well as owning and operating a luxury real estate management firm. When not busy running these businesses or investing, Shep can be found spending quality time with family, three dogs and friends; playing golf; working out at gym; collecting wine ; cooking up something special; additionally owning home in Hamptons

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