Michael Ironside Net Worth

Michael Ironside Net Worth

Michael Ironside, from Canada, is an acclaimed actor, producer, film director and screenwriter. His primary source of income has been acting and voice acting roles that have earned him millions over time. Today he enjoys an extravagant lifestyle driving expensive cars while maintaining his net worth of more than $7 Million through the years.

He has appeared in over 300 films and TV series, and is best-known for his portrayal of Jean Rasczak in 1997’s Starship Troopers. Throughout his career, he has earned many awards and nominations; with an excellent understanding of script and ability to act convincingly across a range of films; highly respected actor with an enormous fan base who’s still active today despite more than fifty years in the business!

Not limited to films, he has also provided his voice for various video games and television shows including The Dropout where fans and critics alike have appreciated his performance as the antagonist of The Dropout tv show. For his efforts he has received several awards such as BTVA Special/DVD Voice Acting Award and Time-Machine Honorary Award nominations.

Ironside, born in Toronto Ontario to English, Irish and Scottish parents, began his acting career on local stages before migrating to New York in order to seek larger opportunities. Over his distinguished career – which spans four decades – Ironside has taken on various roles ranging from villainous ones to those playing tough guys; his performances having left an indelible mark on both the industry as a whole as well as inspiring aspiring actors.

Since 1980, he has starred in some of the most legendary films such as Total Recall, The Machinist and Terminator Salvation, for which he received numerous nominations and award nominations. With two wifes behind him and an enormous fan following behind them – Karen Dinwiddie being his current one -, he enjoys reading avidly as well as arm wrestling as an activity.

He prefers to maintain his privacy, withholding much information from the media regarding his personal life. He has two daughters and is an ardent fan of American professional wrestler Jerry Lawler. When not supporting Lawler or watching professional wrestling events on TV he spends his free time spending time with family, as well as enjoying animal companionship and sports such as golf or tennis; painting or reading are among other interests; in addition he supports local theatre productions and movies in their community.

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