Monti Kids Net Worth

Monti Kids Net Worth

Monti Kids is an early-childhood education company that prioritizes giving children a strong foundation for learning. Their toys are based on the Montessori method, an established educational approach that emphasizes cultivating an interest in knowledge and developing independence. With their products, children can build upon this foundation with confidence and love of learning.

Monti Kids, founded by Harvard-trained Montessori teacher Zahra Kassam, is a subscription business that sends Montessori-approved toys to families with young children from birth up to three years old. Each toy is carefully designed by an accredited educator and comes complete with its own parent guide as well as access to Monti Kids’ online learning center.

Monti Kids box service utilizes sustainably-sourced, high-quality materials to craft its toys. Each toy is crafted from FSC-certified wood and finished with water-based finishes and paints that are non-toxic and safe for little ones to consume.

Monti Kids toys are carefully designed by educators with master’s degrees in education and an expertise in the Montessori method. Each toy design is tailored towards specific developmental milestones so kids can get maximum benefit from their playthings.

These Montessori-approved toys are crafted from FSC certified wood in an array of shapes, colors and sizes. Furthermore, they’re safe enough for young children to put in their mouths – which helps stimulate sensory learning.

Zahra Kassam, founder and CEO of Zahra Technologies, holds a Master’s degree in education from Harvard University. As a certified Montessori instructor and mother to two, she is passionate about supporting early childhood development.

She founded Monti Kids to address a common challenge faced by parents with young children: how to help their child develop during the early years. As a parent, she recognized that 85 percent of brain development occurs before formal schooling begins. To ensure her own children reached their full potential, Monti provided them with Montessori-approved toys that would support their developmental needs.

Traditional education typically begins in preschool, but Montessori-inspired toys have been proven to develop cognitive, physical, linguistic and social skills from an early age. These toys are created by master educators with master’s degrees in education and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Monti Kids toy subscription services are an ideal investment for parents who want their kids to have the best start in life. All toys are created from sustainably-sourced materials, are easy to clean and safe for little ones to put in their mouths.

Subscription to this service costs $29 per month and offers eight levels of Montessori toys to choose from. Furthermore, the company donates toys to local charities and children’s hospitals.

Monti Kids has so far raised $6 million in venture capital funding from investors such as LEGO Ventures and Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank.

Monti Kids was founded by a former Montessori teacher with a Masters degree in education, who also happens to be the mother of two. After realizing how important early formal education is for children, she set out to bring Montessori-approved educational toys and materials into more households so parents can foster their children’s lifelong interest in learning.

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