People who have been creative since the age of 7 are richer than the rest

New research has shown that children’s creativity determines economic success in adulthood. People who show their creativity at the age of 7 tend to have higher career incomes and take on a more complex profession that requires more developed mental and creative abilities.

Also, creativity in childhood contributes to education.

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Research progress and results

In her study, Victoria Prowse, Ph.D., explored the relationship between schoolteachers’ grades for demonstrating the creativity of their students at age 7 with subsequent educational and career achievements.

“Instead of trying to pick the next Steve Jobs, Marie Curie or Leonardo da Vinci, teachers were asked to rate children’s creativity in areas such as writing, storytelling, painting or acting.”, – said Victoria Prowse.

Research has shown that creativity in childhood predicts success later in life. More creative children earn more in adulthood, receive a higher level of education and tend to work in more complex professions that require experience.

What does the development of creativity affect?

Developing creativity can prepare children for an uncertain future. There are at least 5 specific approaches that parents, mentors, coaches and educators can use to develop creative thinking in children.

People who were 7 years old are richer and more successful than others
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These suggestions are based on a large body of research examining the development of creativity in childhood.

1. Work on practical skills

Research data shows that creative people have the best practical skills.

This suggests that teachers should develop creativity by cutting chalk and talk time to allow more time for hands-on learning.

2. Reward for creativity

Encourage creative work to emphasize its importance. However, remember that creativity is about creating something new and valuable, so reward is most appropriate when children are creating something new.

3. Development of independent thinking

Along with questions about facts and figures, parents should ask questions of their children without right or wrong answers to encourage their children to form their own opinions.

4. Fundamentally new tasks

Offer problems with solutions that do not logically follow from the lessons of the past to help develop independent thinking and encourage children to come up with new ways to solve problems.

5. Self-confidence

Creative ideas that challenge the status quo or conventional wisdom may be criticized or rejected despite their merits.

People who were 7 years old are richer and more successful than others
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Raise your children so that they are confident and boldly face criticism and rejection of what they have done.

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