St Johns River Festival Of The Arts

The St. Johns River Festival of the Arts is held every year in downtown Sanford, Florida. The event boasts a variety of fine arts and crafts, live entertainment, workshops, and gourmet fare. Proceeds from the festival benefit art instruction for children in Seminole County. Artists can enjoy free parking and a continental breakfast. Water is provided for artists and booth sitters are available.

The St. Johns River Festival of the Arts is a juried art show and event held in the historic downtown area of Sanford, Florida. There are over 150 nationally-accredited artists displaying their works in this event. The festival is free to attend, and the art and crafts are on display throughout the festival. The event features a wide array of exhibits, live performances, and demonstrations from artists in various mediums.

Besides the food, you can enjoy art, live music, and sculpture at the St. Johns River Festival of the Arts. This fine arts and crafts festival also features a wide variety of artists and world-class performances. This event is a great place to get a glimpse of the acclaimed local talent. During the St. Johns River Fest, you can even purchase the artwork of local and national artists.

The St. Johns River Festival of the Arts is held annually in Sanford, Florida. It features over 150 nationally-accredited fine artists. The festival offers over $15,000 in award money. The festival attracts thousands of visitors every year. A successful advertising campaign and a highly-rated website helps promote this event. If you’re planning to attend, be sure to plan ahead. The festival is an excellent way to spend your weekend.

The St. Johns River Festival of the Arts is a wonderful way to celebrate the arts and discover local artists. Over 150 nationally accredited artists will exhibit their work at this festival, where you can sample their art and buy a unique piece for your home. Moreover, the festival will feature an abundance of fine arts, including sculptures and chalk art. There is no other event quite like it. It’s an opportunity to find a great piece of artwork, and to enjoy great food and drinks.

The St. Johns River Festival of the Arts is a great place to enjoy fine art, and the city is known for its beautiful downtown districts. This annual festival will feature the work of over 150 internationally acclaimed artists. It will also be a great place to buy a souvenir or to sell art. You’ll have the opportunity to purchase artwork and buy original artwork. You’ll also have the chance to buy original works from local artists.

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