The best ideas for New Year’s gifts for girls – what will you give your daughter, granddaughter, niece?

Best New Year Gift Ideas for GirlsNew Year is the best and favorite holiday: firstly, it is always a reason to start a new life, and secondly, it is a holiday of fun, family harmony and gifts. It unites children and adults, and every person on this day is not left without attention. All mums and dads begin to prepare in advance for this day in order to please their baby.

What is your child’s hobby? What is he interested in? What will make your miracle smile or take his attention for several days and hours? We will talk about this today.

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Consider gift ideas for a girl, an important aspect of which will be the age of the child
Best New Year Gift Ideas for Girls

If your baby is less than a year old – what to give the girl for the New Year?

Children at this age do not yet understand what gifts are and why they are given, but they like to see how everyone around them rejoices and smiles. Gift buying is best combined with functional necessity.

  • Perfect for these purposes – educational rugs, rattle toys or toys for bathing and playing in the bathroom
  • The girl must appreciate folding tent, where she will have her own “home”, in which she will hide from her parents, play with dolls and just have fun.
    Best New Year Gift Ideas for Girls
  • Also fit colored cubes, educational toys and colorful books with drawings and pictures.

New Year’s gifts for a girl 2 years old

At this age, the baby is already talking, running and, perhaps, she will want to look after the same baby as her.

  • Baby doll, baby stroller, stuffed toys, barbie dolls and babyborn will be a great gift for a girl. It will be possible to buy clothes for dolls, she will be able to dress and undress them herself.
  • Also a great gift will be soft construction set, pyramids, large puzzles, outdoor jumpsuit with a hero from your favorite cartoon, toy phones and laptops
    Best New Year Gift Ideas for Girls

Gift ideas for a three year old girl for the New Year

  • All girls, without exception, love Stuffed Toys, and large sizes – will be the very thing, and the larger the bear – the better.
    Best New Year Gift Ideas for Girls
  • A baby at this age will be delighted lip gloss – like mom’s, a beautiful dress or sandals with a handbag
  • Suitable for creative people kits for drawing and sculpting
  • The girl will not remain indifferent when buying toy furniture or doll house

New Year’s gift for a girl 4 years old

At 4 years old, the princess herself will already demand gifts from you. You can write a letter to Santa Claus with her to find out what your baby wants.

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Best New Year Gift Ideas for Girls
Gifts should be something like the following:

  • sets of bijouterie and children’s cosmetics,
  • doctor’s and hairdresser’s kits,
  • easels.

What to give a 5 year old girl for the New Year?

For a five-year-old girl for the New Year, you can give the following:

  • dolls,
  • coloring pages,
  • elegant dresses, baby cosmetics,
  • scarves and gloves,
  • felt-tip pens,
  • games of interest.

Best New Year Gift Ideas for Girls

What to give a girl over 5 years old?

After 5 years, children usually understand who is actually giving gifts for the New Year, and begin to demand gifts from their parents.

Just ask what your child wants, and you will not have to invent anything.
Best New Year Gift Ideas for Girls

The list is roughly as follows:

  • Gifts for a girl 6 years old: model dolls with long hair, e-books, tablets, skates and sleds.
  • New Year’s gifts for a 7-year-old girl: fancy dress, colorful stationery, art kits, dresses, shoes.
  • A girl of 8 years old can be given: jewelry, modern gadgets, beautiful clothes.
  • Gifts for a girl of 9 years old: bright and interesting books, notebooks, colored markers and pencils
  • New Year’s gifts for a girl 10 years old: cosmetics, watches.

Best New Year Gift Ideas for Girls

Happy shopping and lucky gifts!

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