the love story of Agatha and Paul, the collapse of an ideal family “

Like most acting couples, Agatha and Pavel met on the set of a joint project. The Russian TV series “Closed School” presented viewers not only with dozens of interesting episodes with a sharp storyline, but also the Priluchny family, which for many years was considered the standard of relationships and marriage.

“I went to the shooting with Andrei Neginsky, and he told me that such a star would appear in our series – Pasha Priluchny. He was so inspired by this fact, and I didn’t even know who it was, ”Agatha recalled.

The acquaintance of the actors did not go very smoothly – Priluchny asked Agatha not to communicate with him with the very first phrase. Muceniece did not know how to react to this, but soon the ice between the young people began to melt, and six months after the start of filming, they began to meet.

Good everyday life: a love story and the collapse of an ideal family

“The final realization that Agatha is exactly who I want to be with happened during a movie kiss … Then I realized: I found my only one, I have to steal her!” – said the actor.

“It stuck in my head. I woke up thinking about him. ” – told Muceniece.

Their relationship was built on passion and emotions that went through the roof to the limit. It would seem that the actors will quickly get tired of this atmosphere of love madness and they will disperse without bringing anything serious to each other’s life. However, in the summer of 2011, the couple got married in secret. Only the closest friends and relatives were at the wedding.

Good everyday life: a love story and the collapse of an ideal family

At the beginning of 2013, a replenishment took place in the Priluchny family – a son, Timofey, was born. Pasha often said that he dreams of a big family, so the birth of his daughter Mia in 2016 did not come as a surprise to the fans of the couple’s star.

“I am grateful to this series not only for its popularity, but also for my other half.” – Pavel admitted.

Good everyday life: a love story and the collapse of an ideal family

For a long time, everyone around was convinced that the Priluchny couple were an example to follow. The press periodically leaked news of the discord between the actors and rumors of a divorce, which in the end remained rumors, far-fetched by journalists.

“We very rarely quarrel. During the entire relationship, there have probably been two or three times this, ”said Pavel during an interview in 2015.

At the end of spring 2018, Priluchny moved from his family to a hotel. Agatha admitted that their marriage is paused, they need to live separately for some time in order to fully understand their feelings and decide what to do next. During the temporary disagreement between the spouses, there was a lot of talk about the reasons for what happened. The most popular is Paul’s betrayal. Eyewitnesses claimed that Pavel, having left his wife for another city for the shooting, actively bought alcohol and contraceptives. The couple, as usual, chose not to comment on the situation, and after a few months they began to live together again. Then they decided to strengthen their union and got paired tattoos – wedding rings on the ring fingers.

The next serious calls, which meant a crack in their relationship, appeared at the end of autumn 2018, when the third season of the series “Major” was released, where Pasha was filmed. The third part came out not entirely successful, because of which the actor was very worried and broke down on his wife. News leaked to the press about the beatings inflicted by Priluchny on his wife during a quarrel. The neighbors even called the police to calm down the star family. This fact was confirmed by law enforcement officers, Pavel preferred to remain silent, but Agatha vehemently defended her husband, saying that all this was just gossip.

“In general, family and marriage are a constant battlefield, you cannot relax. You need to maintain a spark, novelty in a relationship, only then will you live happily ever after. And as soon as people start to be lazy, the relationship deteriorates, and the marriage falls apart. ” – said Priluchny in an interview.

Apparently, they could no longer maintain their previous relationship, the marriage was bursting at the seams. Throughout 2019, the Priluchny couple either quarreled or reconciled. There were more and more rumors about Paul’s love affairs, to which Agatha always responded with humor, uploading touching photos and videos with her children and husband to her account. However, all attempts to preserve the union were unsuccessful.

At the end of February 2020, the couple announced a divorce, but due to the self-isolation regime, they continued to live under the same roof in their house in the Moscow region. Everything was the same: fun games with children, shooting everyday things on Instagram at Muceniece. Only now Paul was no longer visible in her notes. In mid-April, it became clear why Priluchny, promising to maintain friendly relations with his wife, stopped even briefly appearing on her video – the actor preferred to spend the quarantine period in company with alcohol.

Agatha posted a story on Instagram from her mother’s phone, where she said the following:

“Pasha took my phone, threw it out into the street, brought the children to tears, raised his hand to me. He kicks us out of the house. This is the kind of person Paul is. I’m tired of covering his ass, he drinks alcohol for ten days without getting dry. “

Good everyday life: a love story and the collapse of an ideal family

The next day, the actress gathered the children and moved out to the apartment, where she still lives. After that incident, there was no news from Pavel and Agatha about the incident. The couple’s children, Timofey and Mia, take turns spending time with both parents, as evidenced by the posts on Instagram. In the video, Priluchny shows himself as an exemplary father, preparing breakfast for children and spending a lot of time with them in the fresh air. Muceniece, while the children are with her ex-spouse, is actively engaged in herself – fitness, yoga and other delights of a free life.

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