The step cut is back

A layered cut gives medium-length hair more dynamic.

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The layered cut is making a comeback – this is how to wear layered haircuts in the new season!

For a long time it was considered old-fashioned and had disappeared from the scene – the step cut. In the 90s, Jennifer Aniston caused a real hairstyle hype with her legendary layered cut, called “The Rachel”, in the series “Friends”. All women wanted exactly this haircut back then.

With the current 90s revival and the hype surrounding balayage, ombré and beach waves, layered cuts have now received new attention, because layers in the hair bring out highlights, highlights or other color nuances better. However, the cuts are more modern than they were in the “Friends” days, and a lot has happened in terms of styling.

With a layered cut, the outer section of hair is cut shorter than the inner section. This gives the hair more volume and dynamics, giving curls more bounce. A layered haircut usually has a basic length, from which more or less strong gradations emanate – depending on the desired effect. Slight layers are hardly noticeable, but give the hair more volume. Strong layers, which are worked up to the top of the head, make the upper part of the hair look full and the ends look more fringed. In extreme cases, it is then a mullet, as the name suggests, short at the front and long at the back.

Women with thick, full hair can benefit from a layered haircut because the hair is thinned out and therefore falls better in the lengths. However, the cut can also promote the formation of split ends, so optimal care is important.

Medium-length hair is ideal for layered cuts, as the hairstyle gets more dynamic and momentum. Natural waves look better, straight hair looks less boring. And even with curly hairstyles, layered haircuts look great – the haircut gives the curls more bounce. For this, the hair does not have to be worked in stages all over the head, often slight stages in the front part of the hair are sufficient. Whether you decide for or against a pony is up to personal taste.

Layered cuts for short hair

Of course, steps are also a great way to conjure up more life and dynamics in your hair with short haircuts. As with long or medium-length hair, the same applies here: slight layers in the front part of the hair are often enough to loosen up the look and make it more modern.

With a short bob, for example, only the back of the head can be heavily layered, while the front hair remains longer and falls loosely over the face. This gives extra volume, especially to thin hair. The pixie cut, in which the sides and the back of the head are cut shorter, and the top hair is usually a little longer, is also hip and absolutely versatile.

Layers in the hair can be accentuated with the right styling. It is recommended to blow-dry your hair with a round brush. The layers can be blow-dried outwards, inwards or simply straight as you like. For a hairstyle with an 80s look, blow-dry the front sections outwards in a round shape, for a clean, sleek look, blow-dry straight. If you blow-dry the layers inwards, you provide additional volume – so it is particularly suitable for women with thinner hair.

A layered cut with light beach waves that play around the facial features looks particularly casual. With a few simple tricks, you can conjure them up overnight, so to speak. Simply braid your freshly washed, slightly damp hair into one or more braids and wake up with beach waves the next morning. Several small braids create smaller, stronger curls, while one large braid creates very soft waves.

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