Uncle John’s Fried Chicken Bucket Price 2019

As the only convenience store in Metro Manila that sells fried chicken, Uncle John’s has always sparked gastronomic curiosity. The crispy fried chicken is a staple for many office goers, and if you’re looking for an inexpensive and fast meal, you should try this chain. The combo meal is PhP79 and the two-piece meal is P119. The bucket-sized meal costs PhP57 and includes a drink.

It’s hard to find fried chicken that’s both delicious and affordable. Uncle John’s bucket-sized portions are great for sharing. A 1-piece bucket of fried chicken with rice is P68; a 2-piece meal with rice is P108. You can also get unlimited sides of rice at the same price. To make it even more convenient for your family, the fried-chicken basket is available in different rice meals.

You might consider stopping by a ministop near you if you are craving fried chicken. GrabFood allows you to grab a piece of the famous fried chicken for as low as P58. With that much value for money, it’s hard to beat the taste and the good ratio of meat to skin. It’s also a great way to save money on food, since the bucket price includes a drink, too.

The bucket size for Uncle John’s fried chicken is perfect for a big group. One piece of chicken is P68 with unlimited rice and unlimited rice; two pieces are P148. For two pieces of chicken with rice, the total cost for the entire meal is P145. This includes a drink. The name Uncle John’s comes from its original owner, John Gokongwei, who was an employee at Robinson’s department store chain.

The bucket size is ideal for sharing a bucket of fried chicken with friends and family. It is small but can hold a lot of food. This meal is great for sharing and you will never regret sharing it with your family. Ministop’s website is a great place to start if you love fried chicken. It offers an assortment of the most popular fried chicken around the country. This delicious and affordable option is perfect for any occasion.

The bucket-sized bucket of fried chicken at Uncle John’s is an excellent value for the price. You’ll get a delicious meal at an affordable price. And you’ll appreciate the delicious crispy skin and juicy meat! A Ministop bucket of fried Chicken is a great place to enjoy a delicious lunch. The price is reasonable. You can enjoy your meal anytime you like by adding unlimited rice to your order.

You can now get fried chicken at a ministop. The convenience store has a bucket that’s perfect for sharing, and you can order a meal to go. There will be plenty of leftovers to keep your hunger at bay. The menu is filled with tempting dishes for all budgets. Ministop’s fried Chicken is a great alternative to fried chicken. It’s also a great option for those who’d like to enjoy a meal at a reasonable price.

Ministop’s fried chicken has a crispy skin. It comes with a large portion of rice. A typical bucket of fried chicken costs P138 at this restaurant. The price for the entire bucket of fried chicken with rice is P68. The two-piece meal is P145. Unlimited rice is included in the price. There’s no need to pay for extra rice when you’re ordering this dish at a ministop.

For the best fried chicken in the Philippines, Ministop’s Uncle John’s fried chicken is a great deal. A single piece of fried chicken with rice costs P68, and two pieces with rice will set you back P108. You can also opt for unlimited rice. Don’t forget the unlimited rice! A bucket of grilled chicken is the perfect meal for any occasion.

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