Unghetto Mathieu Net Worth

Unghetto Mathieu is an American rapper. He started his career when he was only fifteen. He began making music by remixing other artists’ songs, and eventually became popular. His first song, Gang Up, went on to become a commercial hit. He later released a song called Beatbox, which he also remixed.

Mathieu is single and has been linked to a number of girls on social media, including the Instagram models Asia Pitt. Fans have speculated about his relationships with these young women. However, he has been elusive about his relationships with Asian girls, and asked fans not to bother him about them. He once admitted to cheating on a girlfriend and dating two girls at the same time.

Despite his young age, Unghetto Mathieu has a large following on YouTube. His music videos have garnered millions of views. Unghetto Mathieu has been involved in YouTube for quite some time. He is also part of the Team NUREA rap group.

Unghetto Mathieu’s YouTube channel has a massive following and he earns around $ 1.21 per thousand views. His earnings from these videos are estimated to be between $134.9 thousand and $241.4 thousand. However, there are chances that he earns much more in sponsored ads.

Unghetto Mathieu has become famous for his dancing videos and music videos. His videos have received over 189 million views on YouTube. His real name is Mathieu Mayumba, and he is from Covington, Georgia. He has three siblings. He has also been a part of the ‘happy trap’ movement.

Despite his youth, Unghetto Mathieu has a net worth of $105 million. He is a popular YouTuber in his home country, and has been doing it for 11 years. He has uploaded 92 videos to his channel. His videos have accumulated more than 1.69M subscribers.

Mathieu is also a very talented dancer. He began his career with a dance group called Team NueEra. He later branched out into music. His brother King Imprint, who is also a rapper, says he learned how to dance from Michael Jackson. He stands 5 feet eight inches tall and weighs about 70 kilograms. His body measurements have not been released at this time, but his dance moves have gained him much fame.

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