What Is John Steinbeck’s Purpose In Writing The Essay Symptoms

John Steinbeck’s purpose in writing “Symptoms” is to explore the effects of war on soldiers and the enduring consequences of their choices. This piece is widely read and regarded as masterpieces of Western literature. The novel depicts the plight of migrants who were stranded in the Salinas Valley and the California Coast Ranges. The novel is also one of the most important works in the history of American literature.

The essay uses an analogy of childbirth to create an emotional connection between readers and the characters. The reader may not have been involved in war, but the story conveys the feelings of a soldier who was merely passing by. The soldier’s thoughts turn to his personal background, his dreams, and his feelings. What happens when he dies? He considers his own death, his family’s future, and what happened to the people he left behind.

Throughout the essay, Steinbeck tries to make the audience think about the war as if it were a personal experience. While most readers have never experienced war themselves, Steinbeck is able to convey the feeling of being in the trenches of a warzone. His purpose was to make the reader aware of the suffering of the migrant population through his experiences. In this story, the writer kills an enemy soldier who was passing by. He also contemplates the soldier’s background, dreams, and desires as if he were a human being.

The essay demonstrates Steinbeck’s mastery of diction. The use of the word “mouse” is an effective way to portray his purpose of comparing man to animal. The comparison is incredibly effective, and it shows that he is attempting to raise the awareness of the importance of morality in the world. Moreover, he uses the essay to bring a serious conversation on the depression.

In “Ambush,” Steinbeck aims to make readers think of the enemy as a human being. This is accomplished by presenting the conflict as a personal memory for the writer. During a time when the country is experiencing a terrible depression, Steinbeck is writing about the suffering of the soldiers. In this piece, he attempts to create a more universal picture of the Depression in the reader.

The novel is also a masterpiece in the history of American literature. The author uses language to make his point. The first sentence is a perfect example of the use of metaphors in the essay. This is the case when the writer uses an animal’s name to describe the human body. Similarly, in “Ambush,” the author compares man to an animal by using an animal’s characteristics.

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