Why is iTop PDF Superior to Other PDF Software

Is it possible that you’re looking for a comprehensive tool to edit your PDF documents? The greatest PDF proofreader available today will be reviewed in this post, so read it now. The most trustworthy and competent application for editing a variety of PDFs is iTop PDF. It can work wonders with your PDFs and can support you in creating, modifying, converting, and viewing PDF files.

In light of the particular constraints imposed by the Compact Report Organization, editing a PDF file has never been so simple. The bulk of PDFs cannot be edited since they are reviewed documents. However, you can overcome this issue with iTop PDF because it contains the most latest technology, which we’ll also cover in this post.

Now, let’s have a look at the 5 features of this PDF software.

Top 5 Features Of iTop PDF

1. Reduce a PDF File Size Without Losing Quality

You may need to view your PDF archive in other formats. In the View tab of the toolbar, iTop PDF offers a variety of options for how to view a report. If you love reading digital books, this application provides you with a wonderful “Read Mode” that makes it easy for you to read your books.

If there is a large-size PDF document that you cannot share online, you can easily reduce the report size with this product. The Back button in the toolbar will display both of your options for document pressure.

The default option, “Decrease Record Size,” is simple to use and allows you to quickly reduce the document size. “Advanced current report” is the alternate option. To reduce file size, this option uses a PDF Streamlining agent.

2. Edit PDFs Like Word

iTop PDF enables you to edit any file within one click, which is just like you edit a Word file. The following are the primary attributes that confer its status as the most professional PDF editor.

Edit Anything in PDF: When you edit a PDF in Word, you only have access to a restricted set of editing tools. However, with iTop PDF, you have complete control over the content of your PDFs and can edit absolutely anything. You are welcome to make any necessary adjustments to the texts, images, and links. Altering the text’s size, color, and font style, as well as inserting links and a watermark, are further options.

Annotate and highlight within a PDF: Annotating and highlighting text is an important part of reading in a digital format. iTop PDF acknowledges this fact and makes it possible for you to annotate the PDF with the appropriate types of notes. To increase your efficiency, you can make notes, add comment boxes, highlight essential paragraphs, underline and strikethrough specific texts, and many other things.

Move or Delete Anything: When editing a PDF in Word by repositioning images, the exported PDF could have slightly wonky formatting. This is something that needs to be fixed after the fact so that it can be used effectively. iTop PDF, on the other hand, can make your life a great deal simpler. You are free to move or delete any content you want within the PDF, and the formatted files you export will be exactly how you want them to be.

3. Assurance, Mark, and Structures

Currently, you can use iTop PDF to add and modify structures in a PDF report. You may also import data from other structures with this tool.

Before iTop PDF, adding annotations to a PDF report has never seemed so natural. In any case, you may now add both your standard handwritten markings and sophisticated markings, which include the marking’s location, date, season, and reason.

Add a secret key to your PDF reports to secure them and limit access. You have a choice between two different types of passwords with iTop PDF. The “Record Open Secret Key” restriction only applies to the beginning of reports. In contrast, the “Consent secret key” restricts the ability to print, edit, mark up, and duplicate PDF documents.

4. Visual Person Recognition

Checked PDF documents are thought to be difficult to convert into an editable format. However, the OCR tech in the iTop PDF enables it to scan any archive and then transform it into an editable format.

Pick the perfect language by selecting the OCR button in the navigation bar. Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, and Japanese are among the ten or more dialects that it supports.

5. Manage PDF Pages

Under the “Pages” button in the menu bar, the executive’s devices’ whole pages may be viewed. The numerous pages can be combined, divided, cropped, pivoted, erased, removed, or replaced.

The option to add or remove a watermark from a PDF is also available in iTop PDF.

If you experience any problems while using iTop PDF, you may email the 24/7 support team with the specifics of your problem.

Why is iTop PDF Superior to Other Options?

For converting various types of documents into Compact Report Organization, a Windows PDF manager is required. The most famous software without any doubt shall be Adobe Acrobat. Other PDF tools that may be used offline or online include SmallPDF, PDF-XChange Manager, PDFescape, Sejda, PDFsam Fundamental, and many more. In any event, the iTop PDF is thought to be the greatest because of its wonderful features.

Due to their ability to convert a large number of documents, several PDF converters could entirely convert word reports to PDF whether used offline or online. iTop PDF is a reputable tool as well because it can convert a large number of documents and is also simple to use.

In the reverse, if you want to convert a PDF to another file format like HTML, Picture, or PPT, the iTop PDF is superior to most Windows/Macintosh/Online/Disconnected PDF editors at that point.

Although converting your images into a PDF document doesn’t appear to be a particularly difficult task, the reality is that other web-based PDF converters may lose the essence of the photos. The image quality and pixel integrity are guaranteed to be unaffected by the conversion of images into PDFs by iTop PDF.

In a challenging situation, the iTop PDF is appropriate for this operation if you need to convert a PDF document into separate photographs. Your images in Spat, PNG, JPG, or BMP format can be deleted.

In the End

We’ve briefly discussed each of the key components of iTop PDF up to this point, and it is obvious that the greatest PDF software is out there if you know where to seek it. Working using PDF editing programs for Windows and Macintosh operating systems is much better.

This product’s OCR technology, which supports multiple dialects, is a standout feature. Additionally, it gives you the ability to modify a filtered PDF file, which is typically not possible without paying for online editors.

The security features are quite useful, and the two-layer fire assurance system ensures the protection of your records. In addition to everything else, you may call the hotline to figure out any problems or difficulties you have it.

Now get iTop PDF from and start to manage your PDF files with ease.

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