Workforce Solutions For Healthcare: Answer to Your Staffing Deficit

Many industries today continue to struggle with staffing shortages. In some industries, this shortage is nothing more than an inconvenience. In healthcare, however, any shortage is of grave concern. Lives may depend on filling open positions. What are some ways healthcare organizations can attract and keep top talent?

Know What Employees Want

People often think salary is the main reason a person leaves their job. However, many other things also play a role in why they may choose to leave. For example, a flexible work schedule is important to many people today, particularly parents with young children. In addition, people want time to enjoy life, relax, and recharge. If they don’t get this at work, they may choose to look for a job somewhere else.

Management needs to support its workers. If it does not do so, they may walk out. Open lines of communication are important, so management knows where there are problems and can make changes. Furthermore, employees like to be asked for their input. This shows the organization values them. Finally, consider providing employees with mental health and well-being resources by establishing an employee assistance program. They also appreciate childcare assistance.

However, physicians should not be ignored when learning what employees want. They would like more time off along with an increase in pay. Physicians appreciate paid sabbaticals along with less time on call. In addition, organizations that would like to keep physicians should give them more freedom and more face-to-face time with their superiors. Talk with CHG Healthcare to learn about other ways to keep current employees happy and on the job.

Attract Younger Generations

Younger generations don’t want the same things older generations do, particularly at work. Provide them with a path for moving up in the company and they are more inclined to stay. Thanks to shortages in the workforce, employers must compete to bring in new talent, and this is one way to do so. They will appreciate a company that supports them as they move up the ladder. Provide them with ways to expand their skills and encourage innovation.

In addition, share the company culture with them. Younger generations often care more about this than they do traditional benefits. Share the organization’s mission and values. Let younger workers know the company cares about things such as equity, inclusion, and diversity, as these factors are important to them.

Find Innovative Solutions

Healthcare organizations need to think outside the box to handle staffing shortages. They need to identify gaps and find new ways to fill them. Consider establishing a supply of clinicians within the organization who can move around as needed. This arrangement allows workers to have more flexibility with their work schedule, while ensuring the organization can fill gaps as needed. Workers appreciate this flexibility and love that they won’t lose seniority by transitioning to this area of the organization.

Investing in the existing workforce should always be the primary goal. People come and go within any organization, and often it has nothing to do with the organization. However, organizations must do more to fill staffing shortages. These methods are only a few of many the organization should consider. By prioritizing employees, an organization can see an excellent return on investment in all areas, including patient care. Make this a priority today for excellent results in little time.

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