Wwe John Cena Vs Seth Rollins Tlc

TLC is a series of table-top matches between WWE Raw and SmackDown wrestlers. The winner is crowned champion at the event, which is held every year on the last Monday in January. The show features a special match between the WWE Champion, John Cena, and SmackDown superstar, Seth Rollins.

TLC is a two-night show featuring a table-top match between WWE champions John Cena and Seth Rollins. The winner will be crowned WWE Champion. It is a major match between two of the most popular superstars in the company. They will be competing for the title and the winner will be the world heavyweight champion.

The first half of the show will feature a handicap match between John Cena and Seth Rollins. The match started off with a table-top encounter between the two, but two referees, Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble, interfered. They were about to hit a curb stomp and an enzuigiri, but the J&Js intervened and pushed the table away from Cena. Cena and Rollins both landed on the table, but they had to remove the referee.

After the Tables match, John Cena and Seth Rollins were set to meet again at TLC. While the tables match was an intense table contest, the referee’s interference caused the match to be stopped prematurely. The referee decided that Seth Rollins was the winner and was able launch his opponent through a table. The ref didn’t see this, and the referee still had to save himself.

The tables match between John Cena & Seth Rollins is a major bout between the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and the other man. The table match was preceded by a J & J table smash. After the match ended, the two competitors had a handicap match between each other, but the table was still in the way of the match.

The highlight of the show was the table match between John Cena & Seth Rollins. The match was a two-hour table match, and both men were unbeatable. The match was a great display of the talents of both WWE superstars. There was even a ring-side announcer whose appearance was an absolute highlight.

The tables match between John Cena and Seth Rollins is the highlight of the evening. TLC will host a table match between the WWE stars. As the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Cena must win the match to retain his title. The table match is also the last chance for both stars to get their fans to bet on their favorite Superstars.

TLC is the final show of the year. The two wrestlers have been linked since they were first introduced at the Wrestlemania in 2009. The WWE crowned their World Heavyweight champions at this event. They are still feuding to this day. WWE will be able defend their title if Seth Rollins wins.

The tables match between John Cena and Seth Rollins is the main event of WWE TLC. The two WWE World Heavyweight champions face off in a table match to keep the titles they earned. The match between the two wrestlers will be a great show that will make fans cheer for their favorite Superstars. The event will take place on May 19 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

TLC’s main event was a highlight for the WWE. Both men were able to dominate the other. The match was a no-countout and was a DQ match. The match was ended by the two stars using chairs. While both men had their moments, neither one managed to stop the other from putting the two in their position.

John Cena vs Seth Rollins was a thrilling match. Although both men were favored, the match between John Cena & Big Show was the most surprising. The ladders tagged the two superstars in the finals and the match ended with a disqualification. However, the title was changed after the disqualification and the Money in the Bank was changed to Seth Rollins.

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