10 films to help a woman get out of depression

Films for women with depressionThere are many ways to deal with depression. One of them is watching films on certain topics. In psychology, there is even a direction called “cinema therapy”: experts recommend watching certain films and then discussing their meaning with their patients. What tapes are worth paying attention to for girls who suffer from depression or low mood?

Explore this list: here you will surely find a movie that lifts your spirits!

1. “Forrest Gump”

forrest gampThe story of a simple guy with mental retardation, who managed not only to become happy, but also helped many people find themselves, is considered one of the pearls of world cinema. Of course, after watching this masterpiece, a light sadness remains in the soul, but it helps to learn a valuable lesson in kindness and a philosophical attitude to life. As the protagonist said, life is a box of chocolates, and you never know what flavor you will get!

2. “Diary of Bridget Jones” (first and second parts)

dnevnik bridzhit dzhonsIf you love comedy, be sure to check out the story of an unlucky and not too beautiful English woman who managed to meet the man of her dreams! Great humor, the ability of the heroine to get out of any difficult (and very funny) situations and a great cast: what could be better to cheer you up?

3. “Where Dreams May Come”

kuda privodyat mechtyThis film can be recommended to people who are going through a serious loss. The saddest and most touching, piercing and powerful film about love, which is stronger than death, will make you look at personal tragedy with new eyes. The main character first encounters the death of his children, and later loses his beloved wife. To save a spouse from hellish torment, he must go through serious trials …

By the way, the main role in the film was played by the brilliant Robin Williams, who knows how to make the audience not only laugh, but also cry.

4. “Knockin ‘on Heaven”

dostuchatsya do nebesLife is given to a person only once. And often we spend it not at all on what we would like. True, understanding of this fact sometimes comes too late.

The main characters of this cult film are young guys who have very little time left to live. After receiving news of the fatal diagnosis, they decide to go to the sea together …

A lot of comical situations, fights and chases, attempts to enjoy all the joys of life for the last time: all this makes the viewer laugh and cry, watching the heroes who dream of feeling the touch of a light sea breeze on their skin for the last time. After watching, you probably realize that wasting your life on depressive experiences is not worth it. After all, in the sky there is only talk about the sea.

5. “PS I love you”

p.s. ya lyublyu tebyaThe main character of the film is a young woman named Holly. Holly was happily married and madly in love with her husband. However, death separates the girl from her husband too early: he dies of a brain tumor. Holly becomes depressed, but on her birthday she receives a letter from her husband, which contains instructions on what to do for the heroine.

The girl cannot but fulfill the last will of her beloved, which leads her to many adventures, new acquaintances and to the acceptance of the tragedy that has happened.

6. “Veronica decides to die”

veronika reshaet umeretVeronica is a young girl who became disillusioned with life and decided to commit suicide. After several attempts, the doctor finally informs her that the pills she took have damaged her heart, and in a few weeks Veronica will die. The heroine realizes that she wants to live and tries to spend the rest of her time, enjoying every moment …

This film is for those who think about the futility of being and have learned to get joy from life. He teaches to notice every little thing, to appreciate every moment lived, to see only good and bright in people.

7. “Eat, Pray, Love”

esh molis lyubiIf you’ve recently gone through a difficult breakup and don’t know how to move on, you should definitely watch this movie! The main character named Elizabeth, played by the brilliant Julia Roberts, is divorcing her husband. It seems to her that the world has collapsed … However, the girl finds the strength to go on a journey to find herself again. Three countries, three ways of perceiving the world, three keys to open the door to a new life: all this awaits Elizabeth, ready to start from scratch.

8. “Moscow does not believe in tears”

moskva slezam ne veritThis film has long been a classic. If you want to make sure that a woman can handle any challenge, be sure to review it again. Great humor, great acting, charming heroines with different fates … Thanks to this tape, you realize that after 45 years of age, life is just beginning, and the man of your dreams can be met in the most unexpected circumstances!

9. Groundhog Day

Groundhog DayThis light comedy is for you if you want to change your destiny, but don’t know where to start. The main character is forced to live one day of his life until he changes himself and the world around him. It makes no sense to retell the plot of this tape, it is familiar to everyone. Why not ponder once again the deep ideas that are delivered in a comedic, casual manner?

10. “Amelie”

ameliThe French comedy has won the hearts of thousands of viewers around the world. This story tells about a young girl who decides to start changing the lives of those around her for the better. But who will change the life of Amelie herself and give her happiness?

This film has everything: an interesting plot, charming actors, unforgettable music that you probably want to listen to over and over again, and, of course, a charge of optimism that will stay with you for a long time and drive away any depression!

Choose one of the above movies or watch them all! You can laugh, think and cry, or maybe be inspired by the example of your favorite hero and change the scenario of your life once and for all!

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