10 stars who are not skinny

The appearance of the stars is constantly under close observation and discussion from the fans, and often any little thing, including weight, can cause harsh criticism. Trying to meet the needs, celebrities make great efforts to achieve a slender figure.

However, as practice shows, thinness does not adorn everyone, and often attractiveness, sexuality, and sometimes health go away with kilograms. We remember the cases when weight loss went to the stars not good.

1. Angelina Jolie

For many years, Angelina Jolie was considered a sex symbol and one of the most beautiful women on the planet, however, today it is difficult to call her that. The reason for this is the frightening thinness and painful appearance of the actress.

However, do not forget that weight loss was the result of health problems (the star has a high risk of developing a cancerous tumor, which made her go through several operations) and problems in her personal life. It remains only to sympathize with the star and wish to quickly cope with the problems.

Angelina Jolie
Photo @angelinajolieangie

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2. Amber Heard

The fatal beauty Amber Heard can be safely called one of the sexiest women of our time. But in 2016, against the backdrop of stress due to the scandalous divorce from Johnny Depp, the actress began to rapidly lose weight, and this turned into a lot of troubles for her: losing weight, Amber lost her shape and a noticeable share of attractiveness and because of which she almost lost her role in ” Aquamene “. In addition, this was reflected in her health: in 2017, Amber passed out right on the red carpet.

Amber Heard
Photo @ amberheard.x

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Scarlett Johansson

In 2018, actress Scarlett Johansson surprised fans with a sudden change of image: the star got rid of luxurious long curls, made a daring asymmetric haircut, lost weight and changed her wardrobe.

Perhaps Scarlett decided to move away from the role of a busty, sexy blonde, which had bored her, but in any case, along with the kilograms and femininity, a significant share of the actress’s charm was gone.

Scarlett Johansson
Photo @scarlettjohanssonworld

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Emilia Clarke

In 2016, non-retouched photos of Emilia Clarke appeared on the network, after which a wave of criticism fell on the star of “Game of Thrones”: the British woman was reproached for being overweight and inconsistent with the status of “The Sexiest Woman on the Planet.”

And in 2019, the star was attacked again: after losing weight, the actress began to look haggard and tired. By the way, few people know, but the weight swing of the star is the cause of serious health problems – before the age of 30, Emilia managed to survive two strokes and almost died.

Emilia Clarke
Photo @fan_of_emilia_clarke_

Lily Collins

In 2017, actress Lily Collins lost an extreme weight for her role in the movie “To the Bones”, where she played an anorexic girl. However, few people know that the actress herself suffered from an eating disorder herself. Lily decided to talk about this relatively recently. Now, comparing photographs of a star from different years, it is easy to see that excessive thinness did not decorate her, but took away her cuteness and freshness.

Lily Collins
Photo @lilysfans

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Demmy Moor

After breaking up with Ashton Kutcher, Demi began to rapidly lose weight amid stress and in 2012 ended up in the clinic: the actress was on the verge of exhaustion and, moreover, was using illegal substances.

Excessive thinness clearly did not adorn the star, taking away her youthful and blooming look. Later, Demi managed to overcome the disease, however, the effects of the weight swing were reflected on her face.

Demmy Moor
Photo @demimoore

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Celine Dion

The owner of a powerful voice and performer of the well-known soundtrack for the movie “Titanic” Celine Dion has always been distinguished by harmony, and after the death of her husband she lost noticeably weight and began to look already frighteningly emaciated.

Fans are begging the singer to gain some weight, Celine alone not only does not heed their words, but also gladly demonstrates a figure in revealing outfits. Her courage and lack of complexes definitely deserve praise, but the singer will definitely not hurt to get better.

Celine Dion
Photo @rebelheartblog


Sultry beauty Beyonce has always been famous for her mouth-watering forms, which she gladly emphasized with candid stage costumes.

However, in 2014 at the Grammy ceremony, the singer shocked the audience with her transformation: the star has noticeably lost weight thanks to the vegan diet. But along with her lush hips and feminine curves, Queen Bee has lost her individuality. Fortunately, the star soon abandoned the strict diet and regained her former forms.

Photo @beyonce

Ruby Rose

In 2017, fans of the Australian actress Ruby Rose sounded the alarm: the star emaciated up to 46 kilograms and began to look like an emaciated shadow of herself. In response, Ruby stated that the sudden weight loss was the result of her switch to vegetarianism and constant training.

I would like to believe that the star is not cunning when talking about her great health, because she looks really unhealthy and not healthy.

Ruby Rose
Photo @rubyrose_is_bae

Olsen sisters

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been in full view since childhood and, like many celebrities who became famous at an early age, did not cope with fame. Alcohol, illegal drugs, extreme weight loss.

Long-term treatment, health problems and premature aging were the unfortunate outcomes. Excessive thinness negatively affected the skin condition of the sisters, turning them into young old women.

Olsen sisters
Photo @olsensanonymous

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