10 stylish coat and shoe combinations for fall-winter 2020

Coats and shoes are the leading pair in our fall-winter wardrobe, and they need to be thought out even before the cold weather sets in. But, as often happens, we leave this question for later, and when it gets chilly and even frosty, we urgently combine what we have, or look for new things on sale, or stop at the casual style. Too many options and too little time.


Fortunately, everything is very democratic this season, so you can experiment with different bows without fear of getting into a mess. Find your own combinations and feel comfortable. But if you want some inspiration to spark your “fashion” imagination for the winter season, check out this selection. You will definitely be on top!

1. Plush coat (so called Teddy coat) + high boots with heels under crocodile skin

Plush coat

2. Leopard print coat + lace-up high boots

Leopard print coat

3. Lacquered coat + “Cossacks” ankle boots

Patent coat

4. Oversized coat in a large cage + high lace-up boots

Oversized coat

5. Coat in a small black and white cage + boots-stockings

Black and white check coat

6. Bright pink coat + snakeskin boots

Bright pink coat

7. Long down jacket + hiking boots

Long down jacket

8. Blanket coat + high riding boots

Blanket coat

9. Trench coat + lace-up knee-high boots

Trench coat + boots

10. Oversized coat with a belt + cowboy boots

Oversized coat with belt

11. Checkered trench coat + Chelsea boots

Checkered trench coat

12. Eco-leather coat + cream ankle boots

Eco-leather coat

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