10 symptoms of a man with Peter Pan syndrome

Peter Pan is the hero of a fairy tale, an eternal boy who deliberately chose the path of eternal childhood. He does not grow up, and his main activity is reduced to entertainment. Therefore, in honor of the fictional character, they named a very real syndrome that demonstrates infantilism, inconsistency and avoidance of responsibility.

Have you met such a man who, already during the candy-bouquet period, amazes with his infantilism and carelessness? He tends to hide from commitments, doesn’t want to plan anything, and his main interests revolve around parties and entertainment.

According to experts, this is a typical case. Peter Pan syndromewhen an adult behaves like a perfect child. By the way, this syndrome is very difficult to “treat”.

Peter Pan
Shot from the cartoon “Peter Pan”

What is Peter Pan Syndrome?

Simply put, this is a desire to stay in childhood, despite its quite solid age. This syndrome affects people who do not want or do not feel grown up; people with the body of an adult, but with the thinking of a child. They don’t know how to stop being children, or they simply don’t want to.

Experts do not consider this syndrome to be any disorder or deviation, but the number of such “Peter Pans” exhibiting emotionally immature behavior is growing.

Who is most commonly affected by this syndrome?

infantile man

It is found in both men and women, but men are definitely in the lead in statistics. Peter Pan syndrome develops in dependent and dependent individuals who were overly protected and protected by their parents, and therefore they did not acquire the necessary skills for adult life in society.

These people find the adult world to be frightening, full of problems and just stressful, and therefore they want to be forever stuck somewhere in their teens – no older.

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How to recognize “Peter Pan” in a relationship?

Very simple! You will soon notice how your partner strenuously shirks his responsibilities. He is frivolous and treats life like an immature teenager. Instead of focusing on his career or family, he prefers video games or fun parties and is not going to change his lifestyle. He does not want to take responsibility for his words and actions, thinks only of himself and his needs, does not want or does not know how to conduct serious dialogues, and also hides his emotions and feelings.


Since the “Peters Pens” are afraid of commitment, they tend to change partners frequently and generally only have experience of short-term affairs. When a relationship begins to demand at least some responsibility, they are terrified and quickly run away. They want to live without any worries and not make plans for the future. Moreover, they choose partners for themselves who will constantly please them and satisfy their needs and desires.

At the same time, these people are afraid of loneliness and are characterized by self-doubt. They constantly worry about how others evaluate them, because they are absolutely intolerant of any criticism. In addition, they face serious problems related to adaptation in a team or in personal relationships.

In general, there are 10 vivid symptoms of Peter Pan syndrome:

  1. Unwillingness to start a family and have children, but have a non-binding relationship.
  2. Craving for constant “children’s” purchases – toys, gadgets, dresses, dolls.
  3. The predominance of teenage clothes in the wardrobe – bright T-shirts with movie and cartoon characters, backpacks, accessories.
  4. Frequent mood swings.
  5. Childhood behavior: tantrums, whining, resentment.
  6. Addiction to alcohol, bad habits.
  7. Craving for constant entertainment.
  8. Lack of interest in career growth, self-realization.
  9. Preference to live with mom or a domestic worker who will take care of him.
  10. Avoiding talking about the future and planning for an independent life.

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Can you change your Peter Pan?

If you are “lucky” to love such a person, you will probably want to find some solution to this problem. You can gradually and very slowly “educate” your chosen one, but only if he himself wants to change.

“Peter Pan” does not want restrictions in his life and in his freedom, so you will have to show miracles of ingenuity and ingenuity to go through the stages of growing up with him, while surrounding such an infantile person with adoration, recognition, attention and love.

If this wonderful man is worthy of your time and attention and is ready to meet you halfway, then a lot of work awaits you. However, if you realize that your partner does not want any changes (we all have freedom of choice, in the end), then make a decision for yourself what you want from this relationship, and whether you are ready to live your life with a little boy. in the body of a grown man.

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