5 rules for choosing women’s nylon tights – how to choose the right tights

We come across the choice of tights all year round, not knowing how easy it is to choose the perfect tights using 5 simple rules. Correctly selected tights will ideally be distributed over your legs, hide flaws, emphasize advantages, and, of course, will last a long time.

5 rules for choosing tights - how to choose the right women's nylon tights?
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Rule # 1: Choosing a Tights Model

  • For varicose veins or a feeling of fatigue in the legs, it is better to choose tights 50-100 DEN… They usually read Support.
  • If your wardrobe is dominated by mini skirts or short shorts, then it is better to refuse models with shorts
  • Waist height must be chosen in accordance with the usual height of trousers or skirts. For example, overpriced, understated, or normal. Take a closer look at the thickness of the elastic – it should be about 3-4 cm so that the tights do not slip.
  • To narrow your hips, choose modeling and tightening models.
    Pay attention to the presence of the gusset – a diamond connecting the stockings. Tights with a gusset are worn longer and more comfortable.
  • Sock tights should be as sealed as possible to resist arrows and holes.

Rule # 2: How to choose tight tights?

  • For summer fit tights with a density of 5-20 DEN. These ultra-thin and inconspicuous tights will perfectly highlight the flawless skin of your legs.
  • For autumn-spring you can choose a higher density – 20-50 DEN.
  • For winter time it is better to buy tights 50-250 DEN. They usually have a modeling and therapeutic and prophylactic effect.
5 rules for choosing tights - how to choose the right women's nylon tights?
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remember, that the transparency of tights does not depend on the density, but on the composition of the thread… Therefore, tight tights can be transparent, and thin ones – vice versa. The composition of nylon tights for cold weather is always added cotton, acrylic or woolen thread

Rule # 3: How to choose the right size for women’s tights?

  1. When designating the size, 2 systems are used: arabic (from 1 to 5) and, accordingly, latin (XS, S, M, L, XL). Size shows the ratio of two parameters: weight and height.
    • XS (1) suitable for women up to 160 cm in height and up to 55 kg in weight.
    • S (2) – up to 170 cm and up to 70 kg.
    • M (3) – up to 175 cm and up to 75 kg.
    • L (4) – up to 185 cm and up to 85 kg.
  2. If you have forgotten your size, then on a good packaging of tights, the manufacturer always indicates a table of parameters.
  3. If your size is on the border, then it is better to take a larger one, because small tights break faster and fit worse on the leg.

Remember these rules for choosing the size of your pantyhose.

Rule number 4: How to choose nylon tights by composition?

5 rules for choosing tights - how to choose the right women's nylon tights?
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  • Lycra from 9 to 31% retains the tights after washing and keeps its shape perfectly. There is a special 3D lycra, which means a triple weave of threads in all rows.
  • Acrylic insulates well, but tends to form pellets.
  • Microfiber (Microtex), but simply – interwoven polyamide yarns, gives elasticity and strength. It retains warmth well and is pleasant to the skin.
  • “Double covered” means polyamide double thread wrapping of lycra. Thus, Lycra does not adhere to your skin, which is very suitable for sensitive skin of the legs.

Rule # 5: How to choose the right tights by color?

All tights can be divided into 2 types: classic and fantasy.

  • Classic presented in 3 shades: gray, beige (flesh) and black… Consider your skin color when choosing nude tights.
  • Fantasy – their combinations and other colors. For example, abstractions, colors, hieroglyphs. In addition, they can be complemented with lacing, lace or fake garters. See also: How to choose and what to wear with colored tights?

The way the right tights will emphasize your femininity, slimness and sexuality, warm you in the cold and prevent varicose veins.

Do you wear tights?

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