15 of the world’s best novels about love and betrayal – classic and modern

The best novels about love and betrayalHow many love books are there? Probably no one will undertake to count. But they become even more exciting and action-packed if the author paved the way to love through betrayal and betrayal of the main characters.

To your attention – the most interesting and popular works about love and betrayal!

Do you want to read books that are impossible to tear yourself away from?

1. Madame Bovary

The author of the work: Gustave Flaubert.

Madame BovaryThe world of Emma Bovary is too ideal – there is no acuity of feelings and an explosion of emotions. And an intelligent, handsome husband who does not like her in her is only a part of this boring world.

What awaits Emma, ​​who has suddenly turned off the flat road of stability and family happiness?

One of the best love novels that has not lost its relevance is a classic of life and genre.

2. Bridges of Madison County

Author of the work: Robert Waller.

Madison County BridgesIn comparison with other novels of the author, this one does not leave a heavy residue, being a beautiful and talentedly created love story.

Francesca is a wonderful mother, housewife, wife. Fate threw her into the arms of a traveling photographer only for a moment, and love settled in her heart forever. Will Francesca stay with her husband and children? Or, having stepped over a sense of duty, will he leave with Robert?

Novel that stayed on the bestseller list for 90 weeks. Time to rustle the pages!

3. How it was

Author of the work: Julian Barnes.

How it wasHow interesting can a book about a banal love triangle be?

How can she, because this story is told to the reader by the participants in the love drama (through the author, of course). Moreover, each in his own way – opening his soul wide open and not letting go of the reader even for a second.

A classic trivial plot in the original performance of Barnes with an unexpected ending – you can’t stop it!

4. Loneliness on the net

Author of the work: Janusz Wisniewski.

Loneliness on the net“Thick-skinned” husband, tender fragile wife and … sheer disappointments in family life. And on the Internet – He. So close, attentive, welcome. The one who understands everything, feels subtly, supports and … is waiting for a meeting outside the monitor.

Will this meeting take place, and will the heroes be able to turn the tide of their hateful, but familiar life?

A novel in which you can dive headlong – a storm of emotions after reading is guaranteed. We read and enjoy!

5. Patterned cover

Author of the work: Somerset Maugham.

Patterned coverWalter is an intelligent doctor, scientist, in love with his wife to the point of insanity. Kitty is his capricious and frivolous wife. And Charlie is just an episode in her life that will finally turn everyday life upside down.

Everything in this world has to be paid for. But the heroine will realize this too late.

One of the best books (approx. – filmed, film – “Painted Veil”) by the author – no one will remain indifferent.

6. A little sun in cold water

The author of the work: Françoise Sagan.

A little sun in cold waterA convoluted and “multi-turn” story written by a French writer at the age of less than 19. One of the most popular psychological novels.

The life of a journalist who is not favored by fortune changes dramatically after meeting a married woman. For which of them will the connection be fatal?

The author’s feminine view of the complex life of the hero.

7. Just together

Author of the work: Anna Gavalda.

Just togetherA kind, beautiful and lyrical novel published in 36 languages ​​and has collected many literary prizes.

The absolute fiction of the author, striking in its realism. A piece that everyone can “try on”.

Only positive emotions, kindness and a storm of emotions!

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8. On the sunny side of the street

Author of the work: Dina Rubina.

On the sunny side of the streetCompared to other books by the author, this novel is a real gem. Easy to read, easy to read, with a serious history of two generations living on the streets of Tashkent.

Too many trials have fallen to the lot of the mother, a tired and bitter woman, the daughter is her complete opposite. Light, translucent like a ray of the sun. And once love knocked on her life – strong as a tsunami, sacrificial, the first.

Full immersion in the reality invented by the author is a book with which the reader and his life change.

9. King, queen, jack

Author of the work: Vladimir Nabokov.

King, queen, jackOne of the first novels of the author, who shuffled the fate of several people in a love-crime story like playing cards.

Everyone deserves it! And a Berlin merchant, and his calculating wife Martha, and his nephew Franz.

No matter how carefully we planned our fate, we are just puppets in her hands …

10. Adultery

The author of the work: Paulo Coelho.

AdulteryAlready over 18? Then this novel is for you!

The journalist Linda is a little over 30. She has everything – a loving husband, a great job, children and a decent life in Switzerland. There is only happiness. And it is more and more difficult to pretend to be happy – apathy gradually covers the woman with her head.

Everything changes when her school love, and now a successful politician, gives Linda an interview … Can infidelity become a springboard to a new and happy life filled with meaning?

11. Don’t go away

Don't go awayAuthor of the work: Margaret Mazzantini.

Screened in 2004, a successful 21st century bestselling novel.

A cafe cleaner and a successful doctor burdened with a family: which will win – a sense of duty or love?

A fascinating, emotionally powerful book about the excruciating struggle of naked feelings and obligations.

12. Shelter

Author of the work: Patrick McGrath.

ShelterA realistic, goosebumps novel that blurs the line between good and evil.

He is a patient in an insane asylum. She is the wife of a doctor. A destructive bond, animal passion and obsession, after which there is only fear of consequences …

It’s easy to lose your head from love, but what’s next?

Maybe watch your favorite female TV series?

13. Derailed

The author of the work: James Siegel.

Off the trackHe is 45. And by this age he had already managed to get tired of “everyday life” in relations with his wife, from his daughter’s illness, from constant worries and problems. A chance meeting with a beautiful woman on the train on the way to work and … Charles’s world turned upside down.

This seemingly non-binding, light “affair” turns into a real nightmare. What will the hero pay for treason?

A book that will keep you on your toes until the very end.

14. I was there

Author of the work: Nicolas Fargues.

I was nearTired of easy romance novels? Then this psychological book is for you.

He is educated, far from stupid, good-looking, brings up two children. And yet, unfortunately, he is hopelessly devoted to his wife. The wife is a black beauty, bitchy and prone to light love “victories” on the side.

Once fate confronts the hero with a pretty girl … What will this meeting become for him?

15. The Private Lives of Pippa Lee

Author of the work: Rebecca Miller.

The Private Lives of Pippa LeeA story in which everyone will find something of their own.

Pippa is an attractive woman, a mother of two grown-up children, a devoted girlfriend and faithful wife of one quite successful publisher, despite the age difference of 30 years. She once took her husband away from someone else’s family.

Will Pippa be able to keep her happiness, or the boomerang rule is invariable?

A screened novel that captivated many readers with the sincerity of the story.

What books about love and betrayal did not leave you indifferent? Share your feedback in the comments below!

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