150 John F Kennedy Parkway Short Hills Nj

The Four Seasons Hotel at 150 John F. Kennedy Pkwy is located in Short Hills, NJ. It features a lobby that boasts modern finishes and media screens. The hotel features a full-service restaurant and cafe, state-of-the-art conference center, and newly landscaped outdoor lounge areas. The hotel is located near the Summit Train Station, making it convenient for commuters to Manhattan.

The property is 80 percent leased, and its tenants include KPMG, Citibank, and Investors Bank. The Birch Group targeted the property as a repositioning opportunity, citing its location off Route 24 and connectivity to major highways. The property has undergone extensive renovations and will be marketed for leasing and sales. A new design by Gensler will be launched for the building.

The building has undergone a transformation since it was built in 1985. The building is 80 percent leased and currently has tenants such as KPMG, Investors Bank, and Citibank. Its leases are 80% occupied and have a long-term term. Its location off Route 24 and the ease of access to major highways were among the reasons why The Birch Group targeted it as a repositioning opportunity. The developer has engaged Gensler and its team of architects to lead the design enhancements.

CommercialEdge is the leasing agent for the 150 John F. Kennedy Pkwy, Short Hills, NJ office complex. This property is 80 percent leased, with tenants such as Investors Bank, Citibank, and KPMG. Its investors identified the project as a unique repositioning opportunity, citing its location off Route 24 and its convenient access to major highways. The company plans to make significant value-add improvements to the property, and has enlisted Gensler to lead the design enhancements.

Several classes of commercial properties were built in 1985, and 150 John F. Kennedy Pkwy was completed in that same year. This building was completed in 1985, and it has three class-A office buildings. Its current total size is 579,840 square feet. The zip code has 9 commercial properties, and six are office buildings. There are also several other properties that are not listed on MLS.

The portfolio has a high occupancy rate, which is a sign of its quality. The property is located off Route 24 and close to a major highway. It has a high traffic volume, which is ideal for the city’s growing population. Besides offering high-quality office space, 150 John F. Kennedy Pkwy has a great location for small businesses in Short Hills.

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