Ivleeva disappointed with the project “What happened next?”

On June 18, Anastasia Ivleeva attended the show “What happened next?” on the YоuTube-channel “LABELCOM”. As part of this humorous program, the invited guests try to tell a story from their lives, and the presenters, including comedians Nurlan Saburov, Alexey Shcherbakov, Tambi Masaev, Rustam Saidakhmedov and Sergey Detkov, try to interrupt the guest with sharp jokes, and then guess how the story ended. story.

Anastasia Ivleeva

For the new episode, 29-year-old Nastya chose a story about how she and a film crew visited a Berlin nightclub for filming a new episode for the show “Heads and Tails”. However, when they went inside, the establishment surprised them more than it should have.

“We understand that it smells like some kind of garbage. Because half-naked people walk there. Everyone is dressed in leather and latex. It worries me. I go to the reception, and they tell me: “Undress!” At the same time, there is an atmosphere of sex inside: neon, red velvet, ”the girl said.

At first, the colleagues were not very embarrassed, they continued to work and even undressed to the waist so that they would be allowed into the hall. But, having entered there, what they saw amazed them even more – as it turned out, inside the club the guests were arranging real orgies.

Ivleeva at the show

The star admitted that it was one of the most unpleasant memories in her life:

“I was very shy. It turned out that this is a club in which they not only dance, but also have sex. And I’ve never watched porn in my life! I wanted to run away and hide! .. They all had sex there, and we filmed it. I immediately said that we have a family show that children are watching. Therefore, of course, it didn’t get anywhere, ”the blogger admitted.

Release “What happened next?” turned out to be scandalous: in 4 days the video became one of the most viewed on the channel and received the largest number of dislikes. After the release of Anastasia, thousands of negative comments were written. Many counted her “A boring guest who demands too much attention to himself.”

And Ivleeva herself was not delighted with her participation in the program. She believes that the hosts failed to embarrass her and joke her well, although this is the essence of the project.

“The story is about how we tried but failed. Well, like, why call a girl on a show if you can’t smash her? Hmm … It would be better if I went to Sobchak, ”Ivleeva said in her Instagram stories.


However, when the TV presenter was asked why she did not tell the comedians directly that she was not satisfied with something, and when talking to the guys in the program she only praised them and “invited them to barbecue with her,” Anastasia replied:

“The magic of editing is still there. I didn’t come to conflict with them, but to neigh. In the end, we just sat heart to heart! I love everyone”.

Subscribers noted that it is funny to hear such a comparison with Sobchak from Nastya – Ksenia did not speak very positively about her. For example, in quarantine, Ivleeva created a series of live broadcasts on Instagram, and the release with Timati was the most memorable for viewers. This broadcast received a record number of views, because on it the stars performed shocking tasks, for example, Anastasia drew with her bare chest, stood on a board with nails and cut one of the most expensive things in the wardrobe, and the rapper walked through the mousetraps, pierced his lip, set his hand on fire and ate Tabasco sauce.

Ksenia did not support such a pastime of the artists, believing that trashy tasks are not what people in quarantine need, and they are pretty tired of everyone:

“The world is logical. First, people pierce their lips and walk on mousetraps, proud of record views and saying about ourselves “we entertain the audience this way,” and then “experts” appear who “educate” people, “the journalist wrote on her personal blog.

Ivleva and Aljay

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