17 effective ways to boost immunity during pregnancy without harm

Strengthening immunity during pregnancy - what can a pregnant woman do without harm to her and the baby?It is the immunity that we, as you know, owe to the timely and correct reaction of the body to the harmful actions of microbes and viruses. This term is used to refer to the protective properties of the body, which, alas, are weakened during pregnancy in almost 90 percent of expectant mothers.

Why is the immune system weakening, and what should expectant mothers do to protect themselves during this delicate and responsible period?

The content of the article:

  1. Why does immunity decrease during pregnancy?
  2. Daily routine, lifestyle
  3. Nutrition rules, work of the digestive tract
  4. Sports and hardening
  5. Folk remedies, products and dishes

Why immunity decreases during pregnancy, and how it can be dangerous for the expectant mother and baby – symptoms of decreased immunity

In such an important stage of life as pregnancy, not only her health, but also the health and development of the future baby depends on the well-being of the mother. Therefore, the state of mother’s immunity is of great importance during this period, and one of the key tasks during the entire pregnancy is to maintain it at an optimal level.

The main reasons for the decrease in the immunity of the expectant mother include …

  1. Stress, depression, anxiety, general tension of the nervous system.
  2. Unfavorable ecological situation.
  3. Propensity for allergic reactions.
  4. Incorrect sleep, nutrition, day.
  5. Unstable hormonal background.
  6. Deficiency of nutrients in the diet.
  7. Lack of vitamins.
  8. Deficiency of physical activity and an inactive lifestyle.
  9. Poor work of the gastrointestinal tract.

And etc.

It is also important to note that during pregnancy there are certain periods when the immune system becomes especially vulnerable:

  • 6-8th week. In the process of adaptation of the mother’s body to a new state, a powerful release of hormones into the blood occurs, which leads to a decrease in immune defense. That is, the weakening of immunity proceeds against the background and due to the intensive production of chorionic hormone.
  • 20-28th week. The development of the little baby in the mother’s belly is in full swing, and the body is forced during this period to spend more of its strength and resources on the fetus than at the very beginning or very end of pregnancy. The more unfavorable external factors, and the worse the mother’s nutrition, the lower the level of immunity.

How to determine that the level of protective forces is falling?

The characteristic signs of a decrease in immunity include:

  1. Headaches, insomnia, lethargy.
  2. Constant desire to sleep.
  3. Lack of strength.
  4. Depression, tearfulness.
  5. Dizziness.
  6. Dry skin, pallor and sweating.
  7. Exposure to colds. If a runny nose with a cough or a sore throat “often” comes to you, this is a direct sign of a drop in immunity.
  8. Signs of vitamin deficiency.
  9. Increased skin sensitivity.

Is reduced immunity dangerous for the expectant mother?

Definitely yes! After all, right now your future baby needs a strong, healthy and strong mother who does not get sick, does not fall into depression and allows the fetus to develop fully in the womb and according to the “schedule”.

Even a mild cold can affect the development and health of the baby, let alone the effect of more serious viral and infectious diseases on the fetus – this can lead to unpredictable consequences. Therefore, my mother’s key task during this period is to stay healthy and maintain her immunity at the highest level.

How to boost immunity during pregnancy effectively and quickly

Daily routine and lifestyle to boost immunity during pregnancy – what is important?

The mood, and the work of the digestive tract, and health in general depend on the regime of the day.

Therefore, it is important to remember the following …

  • We sleep 8-10 hours a day. Go to bed as early as possible and always at the same time.
  • We combine rest with physical activity.
  • Do not forget to walk often and do exercises.
  • We maintain freshness, cleanliness and a certain humidity of the air in the room: we do wet cleaning, we ventilate, we use special cleaners and ionizers.
  • Learning to be positive.
  • We monitor personal hygiene.
  • We give up everything that can reduce immunity: from urban gas pollution, fast foods, stress, negative people, and so on.

Video: The lifestyle of a pregnant woman and its impact on the health of mom and baby

Nutrition rules and the work of the gastrointestinal tract to strengthen the immunity of a pregnant woman

Most of the immune cells responsible for protecting against bacteria and viruses are located in the intestines. That is why special attention should be paid to the work of the gastrointestinal tract. The microflora should be normal, and it is determined by the number of lacto- and bifidobacteria – which, in turn, need to be “fed” with prebiotics.

So, the basic rules of nutrition to maintain the immunity of the expectant mother:

  1. We eat strictly according to the regimen, in small portions and 5-6 times a day, not forgetting about the full drinking regimen.
  2. We think over the diet taking into account the balance and variety. Nutrition rules in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd trimesters of pregnancy
  3. One of the most important rules is the prevention of constipation, which expectant mothers often suffer from. Into the diet we introduce more green vegetables, fermented milk products, dried fruits (prunes, figs), whole grain bread, oatmeal, salads with sunflower oil, vinaigrette, jelly and compotes. Do not forget about massage, self-massage, swimming and physical activity in general.
  4. We exclude all unhealthy foods and drinks: from fast food, coffee and canned food to semi-finished products and sausages.
  5. We eat foods and dishes that strengthen the digestive tract and increase immunity.
  6. We drink vitamins prescribed by a doctor, folic acid, etc.

Sports during pregnancy to increase immunity

Sports and hardening to boost immunity during pregnancy

Even children know about the benefits of sports and hardening for enhancing immune defenses.

But the usual powerful loads (if the expectant mother, for example, went in for professional sports) during pregnancy are dangerous.

What is allowed and recommended?

  • Light gymnastics, yoga for pregnant women and hiking.
  • Swimming.
  • Hardening: rubdown, contrasting foot baths,

It is important to understand that physical activity is permissible only within reasonable limits, and they must correspond to the condition of the mother, her preparation and the period of pregnancy.

Naturally, you will have to postpone diving into an ice hole and jumping into a snowdrift after a bathhouse for “after childbirth.” You should not overuse hardening!

17 effective ways to boost the immunity of a pregnant woman – folk remedies, foods and dishes

Sometimes, to increase immunity, some specialists prescribe immunomodulators in the form of suppositories.

Take your time to buy them!

  • First, not all immunostimulants are approved during pregnancy.
  • And secondly, the opinions of experts about the necessity, harm and benefit of such drugs differ greatly.

As for herbs with immunostimulating properties, their use is also questionable and dangerous during this period, given that many of them can even provoke a miscarriage.

There are less dubious – and really effective – methods for boosting immunity.

Video: Immunity and Pregnancy

The most effective ways:

  1. Avoid gathering large numbers of people. Especially during epidemics. Better to take a taxi than to ride on a packed bus with a crowd of coughing people.
  2. We are not overcooling.
  3. If possible, we leave the city during pregnancy. If not, we go out every day for a walk in the park, for an hour and a half.
  4. Lubricate the nasal mucosa before going outside with oxolinic ointment.
  5. Daily – light wet cleaning, and ventilate the room as often as possible.
  6. A great option is to buy an air ionizer. There is a technique that combines the functions of a purifier, humidifier and ionizer. As a last resort, you can use the Chizhevsky lamp.
  7. We give up all bad habits. Including addictions to sweets, coffee and afternoon naps.
  8. I constantly wash my hands after the street. And in the absence of such an opportunity, we use the antiseptic wet wipes or special gel taken with us.
  9. Gargle every day (1-2 times, for prevention). We choose a decoction of calendula or chamomile as a rinse, you can use a salt-soda solution or even a furacilin solution (ideal for gargling if your throat starts to hurt).
  10. Positive emotions are the best medicine for all diseases. So look for reasons to be happy and use every opportunity to get positive emotions. Try to eliminate all negativity from your life during pregnancy – from unpleasant films and situations to unpleasant people.
  11. We eat garlic. Or we breathe garlic. You can cut it into slices, make beads and hang it indoors. The scent, of course, is not lavender, but this remedy really works.
  12. In the absence of allergies, we eat honey. Only real and without abuse.
  13. Tea with the addition of chamomile, ginger, rose hips and so on will not be superfluous.… The main thing is to carefully study if this or that tea additive has side effects. However, cranberry and lingonberry fruit drinks, as well as dried fruit compotes, will be much healthier.
  14. Focus on the work of the digestive tract. The better your gut works, the stronger your immunity.
  15. We eat more vegetables and fruits with vitamin C. Also on the list of fruits that increase immunity are all those with red, yellow and orange hues.
  16. A great option is self-prepared vitamin mixtures based on honey with chopped nuts and dried fruits. For example: figs + dried apricots + prunes + walnuts + honey. We eat a spoon or two every day.
  17. Seafood as a source of iodine and selenium. Regular consumption of seafood also strengthens the body’s defense system.

And, of course, do not forget about berries in the summer (currants, blueberries, raspberries, etc.), about autumn blueberries, viburnum and mountain ash, about black chokeberry jam and a fantastically powerful immunostimulant dogwood (you can cook jelly and syrups from it), about aroma therapy with essential oils (basil, monardo, eucalyptus or lavender, pine and citrus, etc.), and even about intimate relationships, which can be an excellent way to increase immunity.


Before prescribing one or another remedy for yourself (even if it is “folk” and seemingly safe) to increase immunity, consult your doctor!

All information on the site is for informational purposes only, and is not a guide to action. An accurate diagnosis can only be made by a doctor.

We kindly ask you not to self-medicate, but to make an appointment with a specialist!

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