How to descale a washing machine with home remedies

Sooner or later, every happy owner of a washing machine is faced with the problem of the smell of mold from equipment, scale, clogging of filters, etc. Illiterate operation, hard water, and the use of unsuitable means affect the life of the machine.

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And even with the observance of the rules for the care of equipment, over time the question arises – how to clean a washing machine and extend its life?

It turns out that you can do without calling the master and prevent equipment breakdown and subsequent repairs to the neighbor’s apartment …

How to clean a washing machine

  • External cleaning of the machine
    Usually we just wipe the upper surface of the equipment, not paying attention to everything else – “oh, it seems, clean, who will look there with a magnifying glass!”. As a result, after a month or two, the hostess realizes that a lot of efforts will have to be applied to cleaning the surface – stains from bleach, water and powders fall on the walls of the car in a dense layer. How to clean a washing machine If you don’t have the habit of wiping the car on all sides immediately after washing, then we prepare a sponge, a small brush (you can use a toothbrush) and liquid for dishes. We dilute the product in water (5: 1), apply it on the surface with a sponge, and clean the rubber seal and the door with a brush. We wipe everything with a damp and then a dry cloth. At the same time, we take out and clean the detergent drawer.
  • Cleaning the filter
    If the machine is used for a long time without regular cleaning, the filter becomes clogged. The result is an unpleasant smell from the car, poor water circulation, or even a flood. How to clean a washing machine Therefore, we substitute the container to the machine, open the bottom cover of the panel, drain the water from the hose, take out the filter and clean it inside and out. Then we return to the place.
  • Drum cleaning
    The need for such a procedure is indicated by an unpleasant smell from the car. How to fight? Pour bleach (glass) into the drum, turn on the “dry” wash cycle for a few minutes, choosing the mode with hot water. How to clean a washing machine Then we put the car on “pause” and leave it “soaked” for an hour. Then we finish washing, wipe the inside of the equipment and leave the door open. Such cleaning once every 2-3 months will eliminate the appearance of odor and mold in the car.
  • Cleaning the machine from mold with baking soda
    No matter what they say, it is possible and necessary to fight mold. True, this should be done regularly, not forgetting about the rules of prevention. We mix soda with water (1: 1) and carefully process the surface of the car from the inside, not forgetting about the rubber seal – this is where mold most often hides. The procedure should be repeated once a week.
  • Cleaning the car with citric acid
    The method will help to deal with limescale, odor and mold. Pour 200 g of citric acid into a drum or a tray for chemicals, set a long wash cycle and a temperature of 60 degrees. When scale and acid come into contact, a chemical reaction occurs that destroys limescale. When cleaning, do not fill the drum with clothes – the machine must be idle. Spin is not needed (we do not put the laundry), but additional rinsing will not hurt. The method should be used every 3-6 months.
  • Cleaning the car with citric acid and bleach
    In addition to citric acid (1 glass), poured into the tray, we also pour a glass of bleach directly into the drum of the machine. Washing modes and temperatures are the same. The downside is a strong smell. Therefore, the windows should be opened wide during cleaning so that the steam generated by the chemical combination of chlorine and salts does not affect health. As for the machine itself, after such cleaning, the machine will not only sparkle with cleanliness, but in the most inaccessible places it will be cleaned of lime and dirt. The procedure should be applied no more than once every 2-3 months in order to prevent acid corrosion of the rubber parts of the machine.
  • Cleaning the drum from odors
    Instead of a chemical antibacterial agent, put oxalic acid into the drum and run the machine “idle” for 30 minutes (without laundry). The number and modes of washing are the same as in the citric acid method.
  • Machine cleaning with copper sulfate
    If the fungus is already firmly established in your technique, then you cannot take it by conventional means. A solution of copper sulfate will help to solve this problem quickly and effectively, and even as a preventive measure it will not hurt. To clean the machine, rinse the cuff of the washing machine with a product and leave it without wiping for a day. Then rinse all parts with diluted detergent and clean water.
  • Cleaning with vinegar
    Pour 2 cups of white vinegar into the machine and set the mode for long wash and high temperature. Naturally, we start the car without laundry and detergents. After 5-6 minutes, we pause the machine and leave it to “soak” for an hour, after which we finish washing. It will be possible to wash off the remnants of the product with a short wash. After you drain the water, wipe the inside of the rubber seal, drum and door with a cloth dampened with vinegar water (1: 1). And then wipe dry.

How to clean a washing machine

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And, of course, don’t forget about prevention:

  • We install it under the water pipe, or the inlet hose, magnetic water softener… Under its action, salts will split into ions.
  • After every wash wipe the car dry and do not close the door until the machine is completely dry.
  • Regular cleaning of the machine (once every 2-3 months) can significantly extend the service life of equipment.
  • Buy laundry detergent from reputable stores, and read the instructions carefully. Do not use hand wash powder for this automatic machine. And do not put the powder into the detergent compartment if the instructions say “pour it straight into the drum”.
  • When using powders with soap in the composition or thick fabric softeners, you should be sure to include an additional rinse, or even turn on the machine after a dry wash. These funds are not completely washed out of the machine, as a result of which the service life of the equipment is reduced and bacteria multiply.
  • Use water softeners when washing… Just make sure your water really needs softening first.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in self-cleaning the car. The main thing – do it regularly, and take good care of your technique.

How do you clean your washing machine? Share your experience in the comments below!

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