2 marriages, 2 sons and double betrayal

The female share of the actress Marina Yakovleva turned out to be very difficult. Betrayal of her husband and best friend, betrayal, envy – this is not a complete list of what she had to face in her life. What else the actress had to go through, we find out in this material.

Everything began to crumble after a year

Marina Yakovleva

The first spouse of Marina Yakovleva was actor Andrei Rostotsky. They got married in 1980, but broke up after two years. The reason for the divorce was the difference in the social status of the spouses and the unwillingness to marry. The breakup Marina was going through hard – her husband was very close to her.

However, it all began quite fabulously: the couple met on the voice acting of the film “Scenes from Family Life”, and very soon Rostotsky made his beloved an offer. But, according to the actress, happiness was gone after the first year of marriage. Everything began to collapse: numerous tours, the exactingness of a spouse and calls from fans who informed Marina about her husband’s novels.

How could you, my friend!

Yakovleva, in despair, shared with her friend, and she advised her to divorce. Marina followed this advice, and soon betrayal awaited her! After the divorce, Andrei went to this “friend”. The actress admits that only work saved her from thoughts of ending her life.

“These were very big experiences, I no longer want betrayal. I went out for the rest of my life, and then there was just a burnt field, ”Yakovleva says.

Second marriage and two sons

Yakovleva family

The second marriage with Valery Storozhik brought the artist two sons – Fedor and Ivan. However, due to jealousy of his wife and her success, Valery took offense at the star and stopped communicating with the children. The upbringing and provision of sons fell on the shoulders of the artist:

“I have something to respect myself for, I raised two children. I built everything with my own hands. “

Do not lose heart!


After that, Marina had several novels, but none of them can be called serious. Despite this, Marina Aleksandrovna prefers not to lose heart and only occasionally allows herself weakness:

“I hold on, but sometimes it happens that I cry, of course.”

In the television show “Once” on the NTV channel, Yakovleva said that now, being with her son on self-isolation, she is completely immersed in household chores and tries not to think about past losses.

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