How to make a wish correctly to make it come true?

Do you dream that all your wishes will come true? Does it seem unrealistic? However, psychologists say that you can make any of your dreams come true. The main thing is to formulate it correctly! How to make a wish so that it will come true with one hundred percent probability? You will find the answer in this article!

How to make a wish to make it come true

1. Here and now

Many make the mistake of formulating a desire in the future tense. For example, repeating to yourself: “I will have a car” or “I will definitely get married.” Our subconscious mind takes such formulations literally, postponing the fulfillment of a dream indefinitely.

Maybe you really will have a car, but it will happen in 20-30 years. Or you will get married after celebrating your 60th birthday. Of course, formally, your desire will be fulfilled, and perhaps you will be happy, but is it worth postponing until tomorrow what may happen today?

It is necessary to formulate desire in the present tense. After all, there is no other moment than now. For example, say to yourself, “I am happily married to a loved one,” or “I have a car.” At the same time, try to recreate within yourself the joy of what has already happened. This will set you in the right mood and, of course, will bring the fulfillment of desire closer.

2. Specific dates

The second step in making a wish is to indicate a specific deadline for its fulfillment. That is, the correct desire sounds like this: “I got married this year.” This is explained in the same way as the need to guess in the “here and now” format. Timing is very important and must be realistic.

How to make a wish

If you don’t have a date, don’t dream of getting married this week. If you do not have the funds to buy a new apartment, you should not dream that you will move to a new home within a month. The wish may come true, but you may not like it (for example, in the case of an apartment, the move may occur due to the fact that there is a fire in your house).

3. Important details

The desire should be detailed, but short enough. That is, you must understand what is important to you and what is secondary, and include in the wording exactly what is of primary importance to you.
An example is the situation with marriage. You hardly want to marry the first person you meet.

To correctly formulate your desire, take a piece of paper and write down all the qualities that you want to see in your future chosen one. Most likely, there will be 15-20 of them. Look at the list and cross out half of the qualities: remove those that contradict each other, those that do not seem to you really significant, etc.

After that, put the list aside, look at it the next day, and again delete half of the potential groom’s properties. What’s left on your list are the characteristics that are important to you that you can include in the wording.

A wish list

You can do the same when formulating other desires. What should be your future apartment? What job would you like to work in? Be as honest with yourself as possible and try to sincerely understand what you need out of life! And then your desire will come true, and the Universe will give exactly what you need!

4. Emotional factor

It is important to tune your mind to the fact that your desire will come true. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination. Imagine that you have already achieved what you need. Imagine what emotions you are experiencing, and try to remember them. Whenever you feel like you’re far from your goal, bring those experiences back to mind and they will help attract good luck.

It may seem that this is mysticism, but this opinion is erroneous. The fact is that your mind can be tuned in a certain way, which will affect your behavior. And what happens to you in the future depends on the actions you take.

5. Take action!

No desire will come true if you do not make an effort. This means that you need to make a small plan to achieve the goal, and follow it every day. Do you want a car? Means, it is necessary to earn on it! How exactly? Savings, promotion at work, additional earnings: all this will help to accumulate the required amount.

Plan to achieve the goal

Dreaming of marriage? You need to be in places where you can meet interesting young people, watch your appearance, develop yourself in order to attract an intelligent man. Each desire should be accompanied by a short algorithm for achieving it.

Praise yourself for each step towards the goal, tell yourself that every day you become closer to your dream, and you can achieve everything you want!

6. Help of the talisman

To make your dream come true faster, you need a small talisman. It should be a little thing that will always be with you. It is important that the talisman reminds of your desire. It can be a keychain in the shape of a house, a stuffed toy, a pendant in the shape of a heart: whatever suits you best. Choose your talisman carefully, because it should evoke only positive emotions in you!

Remember: any of your wishes can come true. The main thing is to correctly formulate it and take actions aimed at achieving this goal.

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