20 good New Year movies and comedies for family viewing in the New Year – the best of the best!

There is very little left before the New Year holidays! It seems that the autumn has just begun, and that “yesterday, after all, only the Christmas tree was removed from last year,” but in fact, a little more than two months are left until the moment when it will be possible to lie down near the festive table in pajamas and watch good New Year’s films for the whole family. However, no one bothers us to start viewing in advance so that we can approach the New Year with the appropriate mood of expectation of a fairy tale and a miracle.

Your attention is a list of good films for the whole family to watch: it is important to soak up the New Year’s magic from heels to top of the head, so that on a holiday you can work with full dedication as real fairies for your loved ones and friends.

Best Christmas Present

Released in 2000.

Country: Canada, USA.

Key roles: H. Hersh & S. Breslin, H. Todd & b. Song, D. Sally et al.

Ellie’s girl, who lives in Southern California, doesn’t want to go to school at all. And she found an amazing way to make her dream come true: Ellie stole Santa’s weather-controlled car to completely cover the state with snow.

But something went wrong …

Furry trees

Released in 2015.

Country Russia.

Key roles: A. Merzlikin and Y. Tsapnik, L. Strelyaeva and others.

If you have seen Christmas trees-3, then furry Christmas trees you just need to see! And even if you have not seen Yolki-3, it is still worth seeing. The film is not only about the fact that we are responsible for everyone we have tamed. But, most importantly, about the unearthly love of two earthly, amazing dogs – Pirate and Yoko.

The girl Nastya has to fly to St. Petersburg, and she and her grandmother are forced to leave their pets in (at first glance) a decent hotel for animals. It was there that the pets had to wait for their mistress …

Furry trees

My mom is a snow maiden

Released in 2007.

Country Russia.

Key roles: M. Poroshina, V. Brykov, M. Bogdasarov, M. Amanova and others.

Each of us is waiting for a miracle for the New Year. Well, at least the smallest. To believe that there really are miracles.

Little Stepashka is also waiting for him, by chance he was left alone on the city streets and dreaming of a loving mother. Lena is also waiting for him, in whose face Stepashka saw his Snow Maiden … One chance meeting changes everything.

An amazingly kind and touching film with a powerful ending that is sure to make you sob into a handkerchief and believe in miracles.


Released in 1947.

Country: USSR.

Key roles: J. Zheimo, A. Konsovsky, E. Garin, F. Ranevskaya and others.

How can you miss this wonderful screen version with the amazing Faina Ranevskaya and the charming Yanina Zheimo as Cinderella on New Year’s Eve?

It would seem that the old-old movie – no special effects and powerful entertainment inherent in American blockbusters, but all the same, from year to year this picture, which has been taken away for more than a dozen years for quotes, is watched by adults and children. A movie that continues to amaze and delight.

Shop of miracles

Released in 2007.

Country: USA, Canada.

Key roles: D. Hoffman, N. Portman, etc.

In a modern city, somewhere among the skyscrapers, a small toy store called the “shop of miracles” lives its own life. This store is a real magical island for everyone who still believes in miracles – for kids, teenagers and even adults who don’t want to grow up.

The store owner is the wizard Magorium, who is about to die. But before he finally disappears, you need to find an heir for his Treasury of magic. More precisely, the heiress. That one saleswoman over there, Molly.

Cinema for all the children of this planet. Especially for those children who live inside us, adults.

Shop of miracles

Christmas story

Released in 2007.

Country: Finland.

Key roles: H. Bjerkman, O. Gustavsson, K. Väänänen, J. Rinne and others.

Nicholas’s parents and his little sister are killed. Times have come so hard that no one can take the boy to their upbringing. Therefore, the villagers agreed that each family would take Nicholas with them for 1 year, in turn.

Before leaving for a new family, a talented little boy with golden hands makes wooden toys for children as a gift. One day the hungry year comes, and Nicholas has to leave the village for the farm of an old and unkind carpenter …

An atmospheric fairy tale, as an alternative, very touching story about the appearance of Santa.


Released in 1964.

Country: USSR.

Key roles: A. Khvylya, I. Churikova, G. Millyar, N. Sedykh and others.

And again – a favorite classic of the unforgettable, great cinema. The tales of the legendary Alexander Rowe will always warm the Russian people – both big and small.

Inimitable acting, vivid images, deep meaning – a film that can be watched with children every year.

Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka

Released in 1961.

Country: USSR.

Key roles: Yu, Tavrov, L. Khityaeva, G. Millyar and S. Martinson, A. Khvylya and others.

Another wonderful tale by Alexander Rowe. Of course, not for kids, but with older children it can definitely be reviewed with great pleasure. A screen version of Gogol’s well-known story about the fight between a blacksmith and evil spirits and … pechevichki.

A curious, mesmerizing, instructive film that has been attracting viewers of all ages to the screen for more than 50 years.

Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka

The Snow Queen

Released in 1966.

Country: USSR.

Key roles: E. Proklova, S. Tsyupa, N. Klimova and E. Leonov, N. Boyarsky and others.

If you start acquainting children with fairy tales, then only with such. The ideal of Soviet fairy-tale cinema, which is full of colors, humor, exciting adventures and kindness. That there is only one king, whose role was played so talentedly by Yevgeny Leonov.

It is a must for children! Adults – Recommended. A good mood is guaranteed for both.

12 months

Released in 1973.

Country: USSR.

Key roles: N. Volkov, M. Maltseva, T. Peltzer and L. Kuravlev, L. Lemke and others.

A screen adaptation of S. Marshak’s wonderful play about a poor stepdaughter who was driven out by her evil stepmother in the middle of a fierce winter in search of snowdrops.

A fairy tale in which greed and stupidity will definitely get what they deserve.

Night at the Museum

Released in 2006.

Country: USA, UK.

Key roles: B. Stiller and D. Cherry, K. Gugino, R. Williams and O. Wilson, and others.

This picture is not at all about the new year, but there is enough winter magic in it for both children and adults. An amazingly kind, funny story about an unlucky museum employee who, on his first night shift, is forced to get acquainted with the revived exhibits.

Excellent directorial work, high-quality acting, warm atmosphere and magic, which we all lack so much in life.

Night at the Museum

Snow tale

Released in 1959.

Country: USSR.

Key roles: I. Ershov and A. Kozhokina, M. Pugovkin, V. Altayskaya and K. Luchko, E. Leonov and others.

On the eve of the holiday, Mitya, a fan of fantasizing, stuns his schoolmates with a marvelous marvel – they say, his toy clock is magical, and may even stop time. What time is there – even to revive the snow woman!

Naturally, no one believed him. And in vain …

New Year’s adventures of Masha and Viti

Released in 1975.

Country: USSR.

Key roles: M. Boyarsky and I. Borisova, N. Boyarsky and V. Kosobutskaya, G. Shtil, B. Smolkin and others.

Schoolboy Vitya believes in technology. Schoolgirl Masha – in miracles. And both of them will have to work as rescuers for the Snow Maiden, who was meanly kidnapped by the shameless Kashchei. To stop the guys, the villain sends evil spirits to them …

Both adults and children will surely like this fancy-dress celebration of life!

Jonathan Toomey’s Christmas Miracle

Released in 2007.

Country: Great Britain.

Key roles: T. Berenger, J. Richardson, S. Wildore et al.

Thomas’s dad died in the war, and this Christmas will have to be celebrated at his aunt’s in the village, where now he and his mother are forced to live. And even the fact of living with his aunt did not upset Thomas as much as the loss of the Christmas decorations that he and his dad placed under the tree every year. The boy’s mother is forced to turn to the harsh carpenter Tumi with a request to make new figures …

A kind touching movie that you must watch before the New Year.

Jonathan Toomey's Christmas Miracle

Tom and Thomas

Released in 2002.

Country: Netherlands, UK.

Key roles: S. Bean, I. Ba, B. Stewart, S. Harris and others.

Tom and Thomas are 9 years old. The twins live in different parts of the city and, not even knowing what each other has, they play with imaginary friends.

A touching and warm film for family viewing.

Mom for christmas

Released in 1990.

Country: USA.

Key roles: D. Sorsi, D. Sheehan, O. Newton-John and others.

The girl’s mother Jessie died a long time ago, but like any child, Jessie really needs her mother. The Christmas lottery promises the girl every wish will come true, and Jesse asks her mother …

Good old-fashioned cinema with sets coming to life, a fairy aunt and a touch of magic that will make not only Jesse and her dad happy, but the audience as well.

Wanted dad for christmas

Released in 2003.

Country: Germany.

Key roles: H. von Stetten, M. Baumeister, V. Vasich and S. Wite, and others.

It’s just a little before Christmas, and nine-year-old Linda, a girl from the orphanage, knows exactly what she wants to receive as a gift. First of all, dad. Then mom. Well, then you can even have a brother and sister.

Naturally, Santa will not be able to fulfill this desire. Therefore, you will have to take everything into your own hands …

Wanted dad for christmas

Best Christmas

Released in 2009.

Country: Great Britain.

Key roles: M. Freeman and M. Wootton, P. Ferris and D. Watkins, et al.

Once an unlucky actor, and today a teacher – Paul Madens, having changed his profession, he also remained a loser. But Christmas is just around the corner, and Paul was chosen as the producer of the school play about the birth of Christ, which should become a real masterpiece if the teacher does not want to hit his face in the mud. And here it was so inappropriate and old love came …

Like most New Year’s films, this picture also came out kind and touching, but its special difference is in magnetism, which does not allow viewers to tear themselves away from the screen.

Have you seen Best Christmas yet? It’s time to fill this gap!

When Santa fell to the ground

Released in 2011.

Country: Germany.

Key roles: A. Scheer and N. Kraus, Jadea and D. Schwartz, etc.

Ben is forced to leave his home school and home on the eve of Christmas: the whole family has moved to another city. And it would seem that changes are always for the better, but mom is too busy with her store, dad is out of work at all, and the new school did not welcome the boy too warmly. But everything changes when Santa falls from the sky to Ben …

The unusual idea embodied in this picture did not leave any viewer indifferent. Not too perfect (and not too old) Santa, but still kind, ironic and cozy.


Released in 2010.

Country: USA.

Key roles: B. Coleman, K. Martin, D. Flitter, B. Thompson, K. Lloyd and others.

This winter completely changed the lives of three boys. The trinity dreams of the Guinness book and begins to sculpt snowmen in huge numbers. Despite the difficulties, “battles” with school hooligans and the slow establishment of correct values ​​in young hearts, friendship and goodness still win. How else?

An instructive, truthful, exciting movie that the boomerang of good exists, and its dissemination is the most important thing on earth.


And what kind of family good films do you watch on New Years? Share your reviews with our readers!

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