25 books every woman should read by age 25

What books to read – what are they? COLADY’s editors have done research to bring you the top 25 best books every woman should read. Meet!

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1. Margaret Mitchell “Gone With the Wind”

The list of books to read is headed by Margaret Mitchell with her cult novel.

The main character Scartlett O’Hara is a strong, proud and self-confident woman who has survived the war, the loss of loved ones, poverty and hunger. During the war, there were millions of such women, they never gave up, and after each defeat they got back on their feet. You can learn from Scarlett fortitude and self-confidence.

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2. Colin McCulloy “The Thorn Birds”

The book describes the life of ordinary people who in their lives had to work hard and be able to stand up for themselves. The main character of this saga – Meggie – will teach you patience, love for your native land and the ability to confess your feelings to those who are really dear. Thinking about what books to read? Start with The Thorn Birds.

3. Choderlos de Laclos “Dangerous Liaisons”

Based on this book, the popular Hollywood film “Cruel Intentions” was shot. It describes the dangerous games of aristocrats at the French court. The main characters of the novel, wanting to take revenge on their opponents, are plotting a cruel intrigue, they seduce an innocent girl, skillfully playing on her weaknesses and feelings. The main idea of ​​this masterpiece of literature is to learn to recognize the real intentions of men.

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4. Mine Reed “The Headless Horseman”

A great novel about fortitude, love, poverty and wealth. A beautiful story of two people in love, whose feelings tried to overcome all existing obstacles. This work of literature will teach you to believe and always strive for your happiness, no matter what.

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5. Mikhail Bulgakov “The Master and Margarita”

Many people consider this book one of the best works of Russian literature, but not everyone really understands it. This is a great novel about a woman who is ready to give up everything for the sake of her lover. This is a story about religion, the cruelty of the world, anger, humor and greed.

6. Richard Bach “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”

This work is capable of changing your views on life. This short story tells about a bird that broke the stereotypes of the entire flock. Society has made this seagull an outcast, but she still strives for her dream. After reading the story, you will be able to cultivate such character traits as courage, self-confidence, the ability not to depend on the opinion of society and work hard to achieve your goals.

7. Erich Maria Remarque “Three comrades”

This is a tragic story about a human thirst for life against the backdrop of dying heroes. The novel tells about the hard life of the early twentieth century. People who survived terrible losses in wartime found true love, sought to maintain faithful friendship, despite all life’s obstacles.

8. Omar Khayam “Rubai”

This is an amazing collection of philosophical thoughts that will come in handy in many situations in life. In the immortal lines of this amazing writer, there is love, and loneliness, and love for wine.

9. Ivan Bunin “Easy breathing”

An interesting story about the life of the schoolgirl Olya Meshcherskaya. Femininity, love, first sex, a shot at the train station. This literary work tells about those feminine qualities that can make any man go crazy with love, and young girls are very frivolous about life.

10. William Golding “Lord of the Flies”

This slightly creepy book is about the fun of English teenagers on a desert island. These boys turned evolution to sleep, turned from civilized children into wild, evil animals that cultivate fear, strength and are capable of killing. This is a story about freedom, which must involve responsibility, and that innocence and youth are not synonymous.

11. Francis Scott Fitzgerald “Tender is the Night”

Luxurious life on the Cote d’Azur, expensive cars, designer clothes – but you can’t buy happiness. This is a novel about a love triangle between Dr. Dick, his neurotic wife Nicole and a young frivolous actress Rosemary – a story of love, weakness and strength.

12. Charlotte Brontë “Jane Eyre”

For a Victorian novel, the protagonist of this novel – an ugly poor governess with a strong will – is an unexpected character. Jen Eyre is the first to tell her lover about her feelings, but does not want to submit to his whims. She chooses independence and achieves equal rights with a man.

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13. Herman Melville “Moby Dick”

This is one of the finest American novels of the 19th century. This is a story about the pursuit of the White Whale. A fascinating plot, beautiful sea paintings, vivid descriptions of human characters and unique philosophical generalizations make this book a real masterpiece of world literature.

14. Emily Brontë “Wuthering Heights”

This book at one time turned the views of romantic prose. Women of the last century were read by her, but she does not lose her popularity even now. The book tells about the fatal passion of the protagonist Heathcliff, the adopted son of the owner of Wuthering Heights, for the owner’s daughter Catherine. This work of literature is eternal, like true love.

15. Jane Austen “Pride and Prejudice”

This book is already 200 years old, and it is still popular among readers. This novel tells the story of the temperamental and proud Elizabeth Bennett, who is completely free in her poverty, strength of character and her irony. Pride and Prejudice is the story of the hunt for grooms. In the book, this topic is fully disclosed from all sides – comic, emotional, everyday, romantic, hopeless and even tragic. It’s impossible to imagine the top books to read without Wuthering Heights.

16. Charles Dickens “Great Expectations”

This novel occupies one of the places of honor in world literature. On the example of the protagonist Philippe Pirrip, the novel reflects the problem of the human striving for perfection. The story of how a poor boy, the son of an apprentice, having received a large inheritance, got into high society. But in our life, nothing lasts forever, and sooner or later everything returns to normal. And so it happened with the main character.

17. Ray Bradbury “The April Witchcraft”

This is a little story about unhappy love. On the pages of this literary work, the most lyrical author of the last century tells that the most magical thing that can happen to a person is unhappy love.

18. Pyotr Kropotkin “Notes of a Revolutionary”

The book tells about the life of the anarchist and revolutionary Pyotr Kropotkin in the Corps of Pages (a military school for the children of Russian nobles). The novel tells about how a person can fight against an alien society that does not understand him. And also about mutual assistance and true friendship. This novel will definitely be included in the list of books that need to be read in a lifetime.

19. Anne Frank “Shelter. Diary in letters “

This is the diary of a young girl, Anna, who is hiding in Amsterdam from the Nazis with her family. She aptly and wittily talks about herself, her peers, about the then world and about her dreams. This amazing book illustrates what happens in the mind of a 15-year-old girl when the world is destroyed around her. Although the girl did not live to see the victory for several months, her diary tells about her life, and has been translated into several languages ​​of the world.

20. Stephen King “Carrie”

This is one of the first novels by this famous writer. It tells about the girl Carrie, who possesses the gift of telekinesis. This is a chronicle of a beautiful, but cruel, fully justified revenge on classmates for their bullying.

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21. The Catcher in the Rye, Jerome David Salinger

This is one of the most famous and instructive books about young people. It tells about the life of the young idealist, selfish and maximalist Holden Caulfield. This is exactly how modern young people are: confused, touchy, sometimes unkind and wild, but at the same time beautiful, sincere, vulnerable and naive.

22. J.R.R. Tolkien “The Lord of the Rings”

This is one of the cult books of the twentieth century. A professor at Oxford University has managed to create an amazing world that has attracted readers for fifty years. Middle earth is a country ruled by wizards, elves sing in the forests, and gnomes mine mithril in stone caves. In the trilogy, a struggle flares up between Light and Dark, and many trials lie in the path of the main characters.

23. Clive Staples Lewis “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”

This is a kind fairy tale, which is read with pleasure not only by children, but also by adults. For the protagonists who ended up in the house of Professor Kirk during the Second World War, life seems unusually boring. But then they find an unusual wardrobe that led them to the magical world of Narnia, ruled by the brave lion Aslan

24. Vladimir Nabokov “Lolita”

This book was once banned, and many considered it a filthy perversion. Still, it’s worth reading. This is a story about the relationship of forty-year-old Humbert, with his thirteen-year-old stepdaughter. After reading this piece of literature, you can understand why we sometimes behave so strangely with grown men.

25. John Fowles “The French Lieutenant’s Mistress”

This is one of the most famous novels by the English writer John Fowles. The book reveals such eternal questions as the choice of life path and freedom of will, guilt and responsibility. The French Lieutenant’s Mistress is a story of passion played out in the finest traditions of Victorian England. Her characters are noble, prim, but weak-willed. What awaits them for adultery or a solution to the eternal conflict between feeling and duty? You will learn the answer to this question by reading this book.

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