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Entertainment for pregnant women Everyone knows that most of the pleasures and entertainment in our life becomes inaccessible at the onset of pregnancy. Strong physical exertion, active sports, alcohol, etc. are categorically not recommended for expectant mothers. That is, you need to hold out for nine months, entertaining yourself with the most calm activities and activities.

What should the expectant mother do with herself?

Find out if the pregnant woman can go on a trip.

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What to do in spring during pregnancy?

Fun for pregnant women in springIt should be noted right away that winter and spring are two seasons, during which the expectant mother needs to be very careful and careful. Therefore, when choosing a method of rest, it is necessary to be guided by safety considerations. That is, to look for interesting, but calm entertainment. So, what can the expectant mother have fun with in the spring?

  • Board games. Many of the modern board games (for every taste, size and direction) are very addictive, and you can spend time with pleasure, forgetting about swollen legs and fatigue.
  • Domesticated mini golfA good option to while away the spring evening with excitement and great mood.
  • Do you want to keep your head busy or are you looking for a fun way to relax? Take care of yourself puzzles (neocube, etc.), constructionm and other similar toys.
  • Cinema. Of course, “horror films” in 3D in the front row are not the best option (there is no need to excite a crumb), but to please yourself with a good movie is always beneficial. And popcorn (if it is without additives) has not been canceled. And you can choose a cinema with the most comfortable hall – with cozy sofas or armchairs on which you and your baby will be comfortable.
  • Fun for pregnant women in springDo not forget to look at the “beautiful”! New exhibitionse.g. / and also theaters, museums and other secular institutions.
  • PHOTOSESSION. In spring, more than ever, I want rainbow emotions. Professional photography allows you to cheer yourself up and capture the future baby in frames created by a master of his craft.

How to have fun during the summer of a pregnant woman?

Fun for pregnant women in summerAlthough doctors shout that summer trips are prohibited for expectant mothers, pregnancy is not some kind of ailment, and it makes no sense to lock yourself in the tower. Many pregnant women lead quite an active lifestyle and even go for a ride to the sea. As for such a foreign beach holiday, the main thing is choose the right hotel, do not burden yourself with too long travel or flights, as well as provide everything – from food and sun protection to the availability (just in case) of insurance and a hospital in a resting place. In the summer, the expectant mother definitely shouldn’t:

  • Stay in cheap sanatoriums, outdated in Soviet times. Such savings will definitely not be beneficial.
  • Go somewhere savage.

What else to do in the summer?

  • Fitness.
  • Aqua aerobics.
  • Swimming pool.
  • Yoga for pregnant women.
  • Massage.

Fun for pregnant women in summerOf course, all these methods of entertainment will only be useful if you observe safety measures. Do not overdo it.

  • Picnics, kebabs, walks outside the city. When resting in nature, try to take into account the proximity of settlements in case of sudden contractions.
  • Fishing. This kind of entertainment is not for everybody. But if such a hobby is on the list of your hobbies, then why not. Positive emotions and fresh air have never brought harm to anyone.
  • Guitar, synthesizer. It’s time to master a musical instrument. It is both useful and will improve your mood. Moreover, not only you, but also the neighbors.

Autumn fun for a pregnant woman

  • Fun for pregnant women in autumnThe photo. Artistic photography is not within the power of everyone, but today you can create really interesting and high-quality photographs without experience. Enough photoshop and a digital camera. Take pictures of nature, animals, loved ones, scenes from the surrounding life. Look for unexpected angles and interesting shots. It is quite possible that a talented photographer is sleeping in you. And if he is not asleep, at least add original photographs to the family album.
  • Courses. For example, floristry. Or a foreign language that you dreamed of learning, but everything was “not up to that”. Or photoshop. But you never know at all! Choose what you are drawn to, and use the last “free” months to good use.
  • Repair. Russian folk fun during pregnancy. For some reason, it was during this period that women most of all gravitate towards renewing their “nest”, furniture and all sorts of master’s little things. The best part about repairing during pregnancy is that you practically don’t need to do anything. Because they won’t. That is, you can choose, manage, demand and enjoy the finishing touches – hanging oven mitts in a new kitchen or laying out things in a new dressing room. Autumn is the time for such work. It’s no longer hot, but not frost either – the windows can be opened wide open. And the gold of the foliage behind these windows only encourages creativity.
  • Fun for pregnant women in autumnSwimming with dolphins. This is where the sea of ​​pleasure is! After communicating with these miraculous representatives of the terrestrial fauna, the positive charge does not release for a very long time. Not to mention the fact that dolphins (and this is a proven fact) in the most magical way contribute to the health of the body.

What should a pregnant woman do in winter?

Of course, you should forget about snowboarding and skating during pregnancy. But besides them, there is something to do in winter so as not to go crazy with boredom:

  • Entertainment for pregnant women Restaurant or cafe… Who said that a pregnant woman cannot go to an evening of live good music with a cup of fragrant tea and cake? Husband in the company – and forward, for positive emotions. Ignore suspicious dishes, choose non-smoking establishments, and the rest is solid positive. And even to dance (if it’s not a break dance), no one will forbid you.
  • Shopping. The best way to combat depression and boredom for all times and seasons. And don’t listen to tales of bad omens. Buy what you like and enjoy life. Well, if the sign of buying baby things before childbirth is still firmly entrenched in your mind, then there is an option to devote shopping to your beloved, and at the same time to study the prices of baby things. For shopping, choose weekdays (not rush hours).
  • Knitting. Again, contrary to signs, there was no confirmation of this fable, and there is no. But it is an established fact that knitting helps to relieve stress, activate the necessary points on the palms, and at the same time create such a little thing for a crumb that will not be in any store.
  • Painting. This is not just a way to relax with pleasure, but also an opportunity to discover a sleeping talent in yourself if you did not know about it. The artist slumbers in any person. And you shouldn’t be afraid of your “inability” – the main thing is that you have fun. Paper (canvas) will endure everything. Negative emotions, stress and other problems of a psychological nature are solved “one-two” with the help of drawing. Many expectant mothers, having taken a brush during pregnancy, no longer part with it after childbirth. By the way, this method of rest will lay the foundation for the creative development of the baby.
  • Fun for pregnant women in winterBooks. No matter how funny and trite, but this is a really great way to spend time interesting and enjoyable. Believe me, after giving birth you will dream of an hour of free time with a cup of tea to the rustle of pages.
  • Billiards. This game does not require any special physical efforts, but there is a whole sea of ​​pleasure. Only to choose a billiard room should be one in which you do not smoke. And, preferably, do not drink.

Whatever you choose to entertain yourself, your beloved, during pregnancy, remember:

  • Fun for pregnant women in winterAfter 40 minutes of sitting with a book or drawing should take a walk. 20 minutes of movement, and preferably outdoors.
  • Radiation from a computer will not be beneficial neither you nor the baby. You should not crawl on the global web for days on end.
  • Even in the usual routine activities, one can find opportunity for creativity… Only then will they bring pleasure.

And the rest – make the most of those nine months… After all, after giving birth, you will not have time either to go to floristry courses, or to finish reading a book you have begun, or to embroider a picture according to the patterns that have been in the nightstand for a long time.

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