5 Common Heroin Addiction Symptoms in Teens

A report was released in 2020 stating that more than 900,000 people over the age of 12 used heroin.

Heroin addiction isn’t only a problem for adults. When children and teens are exposed to illicit drugs and dangerous environments, they are more likely to try risky behaviors. If you’re concerned about your child, there are a few indicators that may show they are struggling with substance abuse. 

Check out the information below to learn about the most common heroin addiction symptoms for teenagers.  

1. Shallow Breathing

One of the most critical heroin addiction symptoms is shallow breathing.

Shallow breathing is a common symptom of drug addiction. If this goes on for too long, a person could increase their risk of overdosing or physically harming themselves. If you notice your teen is having trouble breathing, seek medical help to prevent symptoms from worsening.

Drug addiction recovery can quickly reverse this damage.  

2. Small Pupils 

There are a few factors that could influence your teen’s pupils, but when it comes to drug addiction, the changes are typically obvious. 

Small and constricted pupils can indicate that your teen is using heroin or another type of substance. If you’re unsure about their pupil size, you can take them into a well-lit room or in the sunlight. In bright areas, pupils will be smaller. 

3. Quick Mood Changes

Teen addiction can be difficult to identify at times because their hormones are heightened and could explain mood swings.

If you start noticing more drastic mood changes in your teens, this could indicate they are using a substance. Never confront your teen with an aggressive attitude, this can shut them down and increase mood swings if they don’t feel supported. 

Although it’s challenging to live with someone that isn’t emotionally stable, an increase in stress can make things worse. 

4. Change in Appearance 

Track marks, weight loss, and clothing changes are common among teens who use heroin. 

Clothing trends and styles change often but most people remain within the same realm of fashion. If your teen is suddenly wearing more risque clothing or long-sleeved shirts in the heat, you may want to take a closer look. 

Your teen must get treated for heroin addiction if they are under the influence and showing obvious changes. 

5. Dry Mouth 

There are several ways people consume heroin, but almost all will result in dry mouth.  

Drug abuse directly affects a person’s health and one of the first places it may become obvious is in the mouth. Teenagers using heroin may be drinking an excessive amount of water or other beverages to deal with this side effect. 

Although you can’t get into a person’s mouth, you can find other ways to identify these symptoms. Chapped and cracked lips may also be an issue.  

Don’t Overlook Obvious Heroin Addiction Symptoms 

Learning about the most common heroin addiction symptoms can help save someone you care about. 

Addiction can be difficult to identify when people isolate themselves or mask their dependence on drugs. Heroin is one of the most dangerous drugs that put people’s lives at risk every day. If you observe these symptoms, try to support and guide your teen to a more positive path. 

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