5 Exercises Against Cellulite From A Body Flex Expert

Since the age of 13, I have been overweight and embarrassed to wear shorts due to cellulite. As with millions of other women, this was a real problem for me. Today I am 58, I live in Nice and work as a coach in the author’s breathing exercises for weight loss and body shaping. And I am in awe of my body. I want to tell you how to win the war on cellulite!

Elena Tolkach
Elena Tolkach
Photo @elenabodyflex

What you need to know

Cellulite mainly forms on the buttocks and thighs and is very difficult to eliminate. After liposuction, it returns double in size, I saw this in hundreds of women who turned to me for help.

It usually affects women, especially those with a genetic predisposition. This is due to the high level of estrogen concentration. This is especially true when you reach puberty, during pregnancy, or when taking oral contraceptive pills.

All this contributes to the appearance of the ugly orange peel that causes us so much anxiety, especially in summer.

Other causes of cellulite are constipation, poor circulation and liver function.

Finally, stress, poor diet, a sedentary lifestyle and smoking are also contributing factors.

This problem affects 90% of women and 10% of men, and most doctors consider it a normal physiological phenomenon. But we are not going to put up with it, and I know what to do.

Note that a person with cellulite is not necessarily overweight, but still feels uncomfortable about having to live with this mass of adipose tissue and this orange peel on their thighs.

How to finally get rid of cellulite ?! Over 15 years of work, I have created 5 golden exercises that have helped me and thousands of women. I borrowed some of them from oriental cultures when I lived in Malaysia and Vietnam.

Breathing exercises help speed up the metabolism, cleanse the body of toxins and get rid of cellulite. The enrichment of problem areas with oxygen, in combination with special isometric, isotonic and stretching postures, decomposes fat accumulations (cellulite).

Dedicate yourself 20 minutes before breakfast – do breathing exercises. And very soon you will be proud of yourself.

Why is everyone getting slimmer with this breathing exercise?

As you already know from my past articles, the method is designed to quickly lose weight, improve health and increase energy. Its important components are diaphragmatic breathing and exercise.

Over the past 15 years, it has become popular in France and abroad. My students in France, Belgium, Italy, Finland, Norway have already built and changed their lives for the better.

5 golden exercises to fight cellulite from a body flex expert
Photo @elenabodyflex

Of course, there are no miracles. As the French say, pas de miracles… It is important to carry out the anti-cellulite program every morning before breakfast. It will forever rid you of the “orange peel” on the hips and buttocks, increase energy and reduce appetite. At the same time, the skin will become elastic, the muscles will tighten – oxygen and physical activity will do their job.

  • Before starting a workout, make sure you can breathe diaphragmatically (see my previous article).
  • All exercises are performed while holding the breath for up to 5 seconds.
  • After the exercise, relax and take a correct (!) Breath.


Exercise 1

Exercise 1
Illustration courtesy of Elena Tolkach

Initial position:

  • Lying on the floor, legs are bent at the knees.
  • Feet at shoulder level, arms along the body.
  • Feet away from the body.
  • Create a vacuum.

The exercise:

It is necessary to squeeze the buttocks and raise the body as high as possible, from the shoulder blades. We distribute the emphasis evenly on the feet, shoulders and arms.

We perform 5 repetitions.

During movement, there should be no load and support on the head, as well as tension in the lumbar region.

Exercise 2

5 golden exercises to fight cellulite from a body flex expert
Illustration provided by Elena Tolkach

Initial position:

  • Emphasis on the right knee and on the elbows of both hands.
  • The left leg is straight at the knee, on the floor.
  • Create a vacuum.

The exercise:

  1. It is necessary to squeeze the buttocks and stretch the left heel, straining the leg.
  2. Raise your left leg, pulling the sock towards you and squeezing the muscles of the buttocks as much as possible.

Do 5 reps on both legs. Keep your back straight throughout the exercise, avoiding flexion and muscle tension in the shoulders and lower back.

Exercise # 3

Exercise number 3
Illustration courtesy of Elena Tolkach

Initial position:

  • Support on the right knee at an angle of 90 degrees, straight left. the leg is extended to the left and is on the floor.
  • The emphasis is on the palms, arms at the elbows are straight.
  • Create a vacuum.

The exercise:

  1. It is necessary to extend the left heel with the toe towards you.
  2. We strain the left leg as much as possible, slowly lifting it.

The load on both shoulders should remain even throughout the entire exercise. Do 5 reps on both legs.

We avoid raising the leg quickly, the arms at the elbows do not bend, the palms do not come off the floor.

Exercise 4

Exercise 4
Illustration courtesy of Elena Tolkach

Initial position:

  • Sitting on the floor with your right hand on the back of the floor.
  • The right leg is bent at the knee (as in the diagram).
  • The left leg rests on the right knee.
  • Tilt your body forward.
  • Create a vacuum

The exercise:

  1. We pull the left knee with the right hand to the chest.
  2. We turn the body back and to the left gradually: waist – shoulders – neck. Keep your back straight during the turn.

Do 5 reps on both legs.

Avoid rounding your back. The emphasis on the hand, which is behind, should not be, we do not tear the knee off the chest.

Exercise # 5

Exercise # 5
Illustration courtesy of Elena Tolkach

Initial position:

  • Sitting on the floor, the back is straight, the legs are not bent at the knees.
  • We keep our feet together, stretching the heels and tilting the socks towards ourselves.
  • Create a vacuum.

The exercise:
Slowly stretch forward, looking in front of you and keeping a straight line at the waist, waist and shoulders.

  1. After fully stretching your back, try to reach your forehead to your legs.
  2. We finish the exercise by touching the floor with the elbows.

During the exercise, it is necessary to avoid sharp bends forward, bending of the knees and tension in the throat area, under the chest.

Important! If you feel like you:

  • breathing incorrectly;
  • or the exercises themselves;
  • train for more than a week and do not see the result;
  • dizziness or discomfort in the body.

Fall in love with breathing exercises and it will change your life! Before class, consult your doctor.

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