5 famous women who became victims of plastic surgery

About 17 million plastic surgeries are performed in the world every year! They usually keep people youthful or give a new, happy sense of themselves. But everything does not always end well: even among the world’s stars who have money for high-quality specialists, there are victims of plastic surgery, whom surgery has only spoiled.

1. Donatella Versace

Donatella is a strong girl who has achieved incredible heights in design and modeling. However, for the past two decades, her appearance has been the subject of scathing comments and ridicule. And all because in childhood she became a victim of her brother’s prejudices, and, as a result, she disfigured herself terribly in pursuit of an ideal.

Donatella Versace

From the age of 11, her brother Gianni tried to change her appearance: at the age of 14 he convinced the baby to highlight her hair, and by the age of 16 he turned her from a brown-haired woman into a platinum blonde. Even then, she got up at 6 in the morning to style her hair and apply a thick layer of makeup, and still hated herself.


The girl exhausted herself with diets, for years eating exclusively rice and vegetable puree. And as soon as she had the necessary amount, she immediately spent it on the first plastic surgery – she enlarged her lips. And after that she tried to change her nose (and only made it crooked and acquired a scar), enlarge her breasts, do laser resurfacing, face lifting, inject Botox …

And the result, as they say, is obvious – only far from positive.

2. Vera Alentova

In Soviet times, Vera conquered the hearts of thousands of men right through TV screens. However, with age, wrinkles began to appear, and the actress could not come to terms with it.

Vera Alentova

First, she underwent a circular facelift, lip augmentation, eyelid correction, nose and chin shape.

But only the first operation was successful – the rest suffered irreparable damage. As the doctors explained, the reason was the artist’s too stretched skin.

Vera Alentova 2

Now experts say that the next operation will be able to correct the previous shortcomings, but Alentova is afraid to step on the old rake and so far has not decided to take such a risky step.

3. Janice Dickinson

Janice considers herself the world’s first supermodel, and this may and would be true if not for her lifestyle. The American could not stand the test of fame that fell on her in her youth, and “from the age of 19 she ate only one salad a month, and all the other days she was on a cocaine diet” and more than once fainted right off the podium.

Janice Dickinson

Youth, of course, will forgive everything, but only it does not last forever. After a while, her addictions affected her appearance, and attempts to fix them only exacerbated the problem. Now before us is far from the same charming brunette.

Janice Dickinson 2

Although the woman herself is happy with the result! However, perhaps because, like many of her colleagues in the shop, she became dependent on operations and simply cannot see her life without them.

4. Jocelyn Wildenstein

Spouse Jocelyn, and part-time billionaire, was crazy about hunting lions. And the girl decided to surprise her beloved, certainly becoming like a real lioness. But the surprise did not work out, and when he saw his changed wife, the businessman fled from her to the young Russian model Lyuba Stupakova.

Jocelyn Wildenstein

The girl despaired: all the closest people disowned her, and now a monster is looking out of the mirror. Something clicked in her head, and after having sued her husband for a divorce of $ 2.5 billion and annual alimony in the amount of $ 100 million, she decided to act drastically and began to do one operation after another.

Jocelyn Wildenstein 2

Now 74 years old, she has a good income thanks to the memorable appearance of “Catwoman”, and for 16 years she has been happily in a relationship with a French fashion designer who is 20 years her junior. So, despite the horrendous work of the surgeons, it is difficult to call her a “victim of plastic surgery”, because even from this she was able to benefit!

5. Sydney Rom

Thousands of Soviet spectators in the 80s were late for work, because they could not tear themselves away from Sydney’s morning aerobics. But the fear of losing the love of the public and losing attractiveness once led the girl to plastic surgeons – and this was a mistake. The star was carried away by the transformations of the appearance seriously and for a long time.

Sydney Rom

But implants, fillers, braces, and Botox injections did not lead to preservation of youth, but to a completely opposite effect. A stretched face, shrunken eyes, asymmetry – all this, perhaps, is too big a price to pay for the absence of wrinkles.

Sydney Rum 2


The desire to improve one’s appearance is mainly associated with a rejection of oneself as a person. I’m not talking now about those cases when plastic surgery is needed after serious injuries or accidents. If a woman sees in her reflection the first signs of wilting and immediately makes an appointment with a plastic surgeon, this indicates the beginning of a path that will never end.

Not a single plastic surgery will return the former youth and beauty. And in pursuit of her, we seem to be trying to catch yesterday. It is much more correct to deal with your inner beauty, develop your spiritual potential and take care of your face in a cosmetic way.

Well, if you need to correct something a little with the help of a plastic surgeon, this is your choice, but please do it with love for yourself, carefully and precisely.

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